Teri Meri Doriyaan 8th September 2023 Written Update


Teri Meri Doriyaan 8th September 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Angad confusing Seerat as Sahiba says they will start over and prove their family that they are a god-made jodi, so today would be a good time to announce Sahiba’s upcoming family responsibilities. It is hard for Seerat to comprehend how Angad could love Sahiba and not her, so she runs away. Angad notices her running away and asks her where she is going. Sahiba breaks down on the lawn.

He thinks Sahiba is shy, so he will propose to her today. In the background, the song Mujhe Bhuladiyaa plays. Sahiba wonders how Angad could propose to Seerat, since he got confident after Garry’s death and expressed his feelings openly to her. She keeps crying. The proposal is exciting for Angad.

Japjyoth walks to Seerat and asks if she got Sahiba ready. She says Sahiba keeps taking everything from her again and again. Asked if she got Sahiba ready, Seerat says Sahiba told her she would get ready herself. Japjyoth comforts her as she remembers Garry. She takes her to the living room where Angad approaches and asks if he looks perfect for her.

Manveer frowns thinking her son is far superior to the Shimlapuri girl. Japjyoth performs his nazar. Akaal says his happiness shows that their differences have been resolved. Inder says that’s good. Japjyoth asks where Sahiba is. Sahiba walks in. With a clap, Angad praises Sahiba and welcomes the caretaker of their house.

In Jasleen’s opinion, Sahiba doesn’t seem happy. Japjyoth asks Sahiba if she’s okay. Angad holds Sahiba and asks what happened when she forgave him, where is her smile. Sahiba thinks why is he loving her sister and not her? She frees her hand. Veer says it looks like Angad did not apologize correctly to Sahiba, so Sahiba still appears angry.

In spite of Sahiba’s nervousness, Japjyoth tells her not to worry because they will support her anyways, she won the whole family’s hearts anyways. Jaspal and Veer get a family head’s chair. Japjyoth makes her sit on it and asks Gurleen to get the coronation supplies. From now on, she will be responsible like Manveer and take care of the family no matter what.

Angad presents Sahiba with cake and flowers, as a thoughtful gesture to make her day special. Veer acknowledges Angad’s efforts and remarks that he went above and beyond to please Sahiba. Japjyoth offers her house keys as a token of appreciation, but Sahiba politely declines, stating that she cannot accept them. This revelation shocks everyone, and Angad asks for clarification. Sahiba stands firm in her decision to leave the house permanently. Angad expresses disbelief and questions how she could do such a thing. Sahiba responds by drawing parallels to Angad’s actions and says she is simply following his lead. Japjyoth seeks clarification on the issue at hand, while Akaal declares that if anyone has caused harm to Sahiba, they will face consequences. However, Sahiba assures them that she does not wish to punish anyone and it is time for her to bid farewell to this house.


Angad gets a bouquet and wonders if Sahiba sent them. He shouts at her for sending flowers after breaking up with him. Sahiba replies no, and finds a note from Mirza. A man hides psychopathically.


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