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Rumi tells Sahiba that she can’t speak rudely to him as he loves her. He says he knows about her tiff with her husband and Manveer looking for a lawyer to divorce them. Sahiba says it means he’s stalking her. Tech asks Angad if she found out stalker’s location. She says the stalker is using advanced software used by professional hackers and is constantly changing IP addresses, so she needs time to locate him.

He asks if she found something in his phone. She says no, the hacker connected to his mobile via his laptop and sent messages through his laptop. She says that he is very intelligent. Angad asks her to stop praising the hacker and find his location as soon as possible. Sahiba’s phone was hacked 4-5 days ago. He asks what about his phone. She says that his laptop was hacked 2 days ago. Angad becomes concerned about Sahiba after thinking who is reaching his office and home.

Rumi expresses his deep affection for Sahiba, but also his frustration at seeing Angad mistreating her. He makes it clear that he will not tolerate Angad’s presence in her life and vows to remove him from it. However, Sahiba cautions him against speaking negatively about Angad and continues her search for him. Despite Angad constantly changing locations, Rumi remains steadfast in his promise to bring joy into Sahiba’s life, as she is meant solely for him. However, Sahiba warns him to refrain from using derogatory language. Determined to prove his love, Rumi plays music and sets off fireworks with the message that Sahiba is his only love. While she observes this display, she also notices an obituary notice for Angad accompanied by a letter stating its publication in the newspaper tomorrow. In a desperate attempt for assistance, she knocks on a door and pleads for help.

As Seerat eagerly waits for Angad to join her for dinner, she is informed by the maid that he will be coming late. Concerned for his well-being, Seerat requests the maid to pack a meal and send it to Angad’s office. Manveer overhears this and expresses joy at the thought of Seerat and Angad being together. She lovingly takes care of Seerat, making sure she has something to eat. During their conversation, Seerat asks Manveer about Sahiba and Angad’s divorce. Confirming the news, Manveer inquires if Seerat would consider marrying Angad. Excitedly, Seerat agrees but raises concerns about Sahiba causing trouble. Manveer reassures her by saying that Sahiba’s true intentions lie in gaining control over Angad’s wealth. However, Seerat points out that Sahiba’s ego is just as important to her and she would only agree to a divorce if Angad himself expresses a desire to remarry. Pleased with this idea, Manveer declares it as an excellent plan.

Sahiba discovers that the landline in the library is not working and continues to call out for assistance. Meanwhile, Rumi arrives at Angad’s office and informs the guard that he has an appointment with Angad. The guard requests for confirmation from Angad before letting Rumi in. After pretending to call Angad, Rumi manages to persuade the guard to allow him in using a voice-modulating software. He uses this same software to send messages to Sahiba as well. Additionally, he sabotages the lift wires, convinced that Angad will meet his demise today. In a video message sent to Angad, Rumi professes his love for Sahiba. When Angad receives this message, he becomes furious and realizes it is from Sahiba’s college. Without hesitation, he hurries towards her college but gets stuck in the broken lift. As luck would have it, Rumi comes face-to-face with him and asks if he recognizes who he is. In response, an enraged Angad yells at him angrily.


In Sahiba’s office, Rumi tells Angad he will spare him if he leaves Sahiba. Angad refuses. Rumi says it is time for him to die. Sahiba leaves.

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