Teri Meri Doriyaan 24th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Angad’s Life in Danger


Teri Meri Doriyaan 24th February 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

During Simran’s play, the Brar family reaches the auditorium. The host describes how Ravan kidnapped Sita and attempted to separate Ram and Sita. The camera focuses on Veer and Seerat. Simran is Sita. Veer informs Seerat that they must leave. Seerat quietly walks away. Jasleen asks where she is going. Seerat says the washroom. A heater spreads hypnotic powder at home.

She hallucinates Angad, who applies kajal to her when she feels uneasy. She asks if he came to bring her along, but he doesn’t reply. The play continues. When Angad and Sahiba don’t arrive at the auditorium and Seerat leaves silently, Garry becomes suspicious. Last night, Seerat attempted to enter Sahiba’s room suspiciously.

Sahiba continues applying makeup and drops the brush. Veer and Seerat reach home, hiding from security. Veer imagines Angad picking it up and giving it to him. Veer says he has already made arrangements and says it’s someone’s last night tonight. Seerat says they somehow entered the house, hiding from security. How will they stop Angad from coming here?

As Angad makes his way home to retrieve Sahiba, he can’t shake off the thought of someone attempting to harm her. In a moment of panic, a speeding truck barrels towards him, causing him to drive into a tree to avoid collision. His phone falls out of his hand, and he hits his head on the steering wheel. In the chaos, he leaves the car and lands near a large pit. Meanwhile, Veer enlists Seerat’s help to lure Sahiba out while he plans to end her life. Using Angad’s voice recording, Seerat grabs Sahiba’s attention and leads her towards danger. With this plan in motion, Seerat eagerly anticipates Sahiba’s departure from Angad’s life and Brar mansion for good tonight.

Angad pleads for help. He reaches him. Garry asks how he came here. He pulls him up. Garry recalls him pulling Gary up some time ago. Garry hugs him and asks what he is doing here. Garry says he heard his voice and came to him as he felt something was wrong. Angad says he needs to go home because he is worried about Sahiba. They both head home. Seerat leads Sahiba to the balcony as they head home.


Angad tells Seerat he knows she still loves him, so can they forget the past and get married? Sahiba questions what he’s saying. Angad asks Seerat if she wants to hear this, drags her out of the house, and shuts the door on her face. He says he shouldn’t have taken a curse from such a loveless woman.

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