Teri Meri Doriyaan 25th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Sahiba Stands Firm Against Yash’s Threats


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Sahiba cautions Yashraj against the consequences of trying to destroy someone else’s home while failing to protect their own. She points out that his attempts to harm the Brar family have only backfired, as he has been unable to establish a strong family. Furthermore, she accuses him of betraying a loved one to pursue revenge against the Brars and being filled with negativity and jealousy towards their unity. Yash dismisses her words and orders his goons to continue destroying the Brar mansion. However, Sahiba warns them not to touch anything while Hansraj threatens Yash. Akaal reminds them of their principles not to tolerate injustice and to hold accountable those who cause trouble for them.

Meanwhile, Jasleen and Prabjot walk away from the tense situation. One of the goons alerts Yash that the Brars appear angry and they could get into legal trouble if he doesn’t leave soon. He heeds this warning and drives away, leaving his goons behind to keep a watch on the Brars.

As the Brars make their visit to the gurudwara, Sahiba and Angad both offer prayers to God. Sahiba prays for a solution to their family’s troubles, while Angad asks for protection for his loved ones. Meanwhile, Yash receives an update from his henchman that the Brars have left their house, and only the staff remains. Feeling confident, Yash tells Garry it’s time to move. At the same time, Sahiba spots a judge in the gurudwara and seeks his assistance by explaining their situation. Despite his reluctance to meddle in personal matters, he suggests she ask her lawyer to file for a stay order request, which he will oversee on Monday. Thanking him gratefully, Sahiba and Angad express their gratitude. However, Sahiba suspects that Yash purposely timed the stay orders over the weekend with malicious intentions.

Upon returning home, the Brar family is startled to find a group of goons holding their staff and locking up their house. Angad immediately confronts them for their actions. However, Yash and Garry soon arrive at the scene and demand that the intruders leave. Sahiba calmly reminds them they still have two days to respond to the stay orders and will leave the premises by then. Yash then clarifies that the Brar Mansion belongs not solely to the Brar family but to the Brar group of companies, which can be confirmed with Akaal’s affirmation. After receiving confirmation from Akaal, Yash and Garry threaten Sahiba and her family to vacate the area. This leads to a heated argument between both parties.

Sahiba refuses to leave her house and sits in front of the gate, followed by Angad. Garry warns them to leave his dad’s house. Akaal warns him they are unafraid of his and his dad’s fake threats. He sits with Angad and Sahia, followed by the entire family. From there, Yash tells Garry not to bring media attention to them, then leaves, saying he will do something they wouldn’t even imagine.


Garry asks Manveer if she wants her payment for being his aaya. Angad gives him a tight slap. Garry challenges him and fights with him. Angad overpowers Garry and trashes him brutally.

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