Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th November 2023 Written Episode: Armaan Struggles with Love Confession

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The episode began with Surekha calling for Ruhi while Armaan and Ruhi hid behind the curtains. Surekha left the room, causing Ruhi to urge Armaan to confess their love to Dadisa and everyone. She told him she had no claim on the ring and encouraged him to ask for his rightful love. Holding his hand, Ruhi led Armaan out of the room. While Manish wanted to call Ruhi, Dadi reassured him that girls often took a while with their touchups. Suwarna said a prayer for Ruhi’s wellbeing.

Armaan looks on as Dadi sees Rohit. Dadi says it’s a big day for me. My Rohit got engaged, and I got all the happiness in one moment. Rohit says don’t cry; it’s not my vidaai. Dadi says that’s my tears; you won’t understand. You can’t find a better girl like Ruhi after years, Vidya says. Ruhi leaves Armaan’s life. Dadi says yes; God brought them together. Vidya says yes.

According to Dadi, there’s no reason to regret if he dies. However, Kajal reassures him that he will live for a hundred years. Rohit playfully questions why they are all being sentimental, to which Vidya responds that it’s because of him. Rohit then embraces them in a hug and, feeling overwhelmed, Armaan shuts his eyes. In his mind, he visualizes conversing with Dadi, Vidya, and Rohit. However, when they vanish from his thoughts, Armaan is left crying. As he opens his eyes, he sees his family around him. Ruhi suggests telling them the truth, and Armaan agrees before handing her the ring and leaving the room. Akshara hands Abhira a book and explains that she wants her to fulfill her dream of becoming a lawyer by studying in Delhi and practicing law. Abhira agrees but questions the need to swear on Saraswati Maa. Akshara clarifies her intentions once again.

Abhira informed me that you would guide me. Akshara reminds us that we are all tenants here and must continue studying diligently. Abhira expresses confusion over your behavior but reassures you that becoming a lawyer is equally important to them. Akshara smiles in agreement. Tearfully, Armaan sits alone in his room. Ruhi enters and asks him why he is crying. She urges him to have the courage to confess his love for her despite her engagement to his brother. She encourages him to make the most of every moment and suggests they leave together. However, Armaan sadly explains they must part ways as he cannot marry her.

She inquires about the reason for not being able to marry. He explains that nothing is more important to him than his family, including her. He cannot bear to hurt them, as they are his top priority, even above himself. She argues that they should also love him and understand his feelings if he loves them so much. However, he remembers Dadi’s advice and states that while he holds excellent love for her, it is very personal and cannot be seen or touched by anyone else. He reassures her he does not expect anything in return for this love but wants her happiness. Rohit is a good man and will treat her with kindness and care, as will his family. However, the final decision rests with her. Just then, Vidya arrives and checks on their well-being. He tells Ruhi they must go as Maasa wants to take pictures together. Armaan signals Ruhi to leave the topic for now and go with Vidya.

After receiving the hospital papers, Akshara becomes emotional and thinks about Abhi and Abhir. She only has one crucial relationship: her daughter Abhira. Despite not wanting to leave, she knows it’s necessary for her daughter’s well-being. Akshara has sacrificed everything for her in the past and is prepared to do it again. Meanwhile, Abhira prepares to leave with a bag packed while Yuvraj fears going to jail for years. Jagrat assures him that he’s trying to help. Desperate for freedom, Yuvraj wants to marry Abhira before her mother. During all this chaos, Ruhi trips, but Armaan manages to catch her before she falls. Vidya supports Ruhi while Armaan sees her on stage with Rohit. They take pictures together before he leaves the scene.


You have to attend our marriage, Yuvraj says. Armaan comes there. Yuvraj shoots Akshara. Abhira screams.

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