Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 26th March 2024 Written Episode: Family Tensions Escalate

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 26th March 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Samta asks Roupa to give Kinjil the tea in the night while Kinjil sits, even scolding Kinjil why she is eating now, otherwise she would not be hungry. As Samta asks Heta how she came back so quickly, Kinjil says she called her to tell her the good news, Heta says they have just met her, Samta asks her how she came back so quickly from Upleta and Chanchal replies she was on a video call, Samta asks her how she is doing.

Chanchal responds, mentioning her soft-spoken nature and resemblance to Samta in attire. She assures that she pays little attention to her appearance and makeup. However, Samta interprets Chanchal’s words as a dig at her. Heta clarifies that Chanchal meant to highlight her strong work ethic. Chanchal adds that working hard alone is not enough; she must also dress like Samta, being Naren’s wife. She also plans on teaching Nandini everything, emphasizing the importance of maintaining their status. Amid this conversation, the sister contacts Roupa, declaring it is time for them to take charge.

Ronaq questions his girlfriend about the necessity of living in such a large house, to which she responds that she chose it to match his social standing. She adds that she cannot tolerate being taunted by others and promises to manage the expenses when he provides her with the money. She suggests taking forty thousand and giving the rest to someone else. He insists on her keeping everything, but she reminds him they are not at a restaurant as he reaches for his glass. She stops him, reminding him that he has to drive. He assures her that she can always call upon him for support because everything he has is shared. They embrace before he departs.

After drinking, Ronaq recalls when his girlfriend told him she would be able to pay rent today but was not able to, and he then recalls Naren telling him that if he had taken the stand for his love, neither Roupa Bhabhi nor he would have suffered so much nor have he so much hatred for everyone. Once Ronaq has put the bottle of wine in his pocket, he enters the house.

As Mehul wakes up, he asks Ishwar to make sure no one finds out how Hemraj has asked them for the farm, especially Nandini, so they enter with a smile. As Mehul enters, Manri comes out and says that everything happened because of Mehul, as well as Nandini, who she calls to say they both came,

When Mehul asks Nandini to get ready to leave the house, she brings him water. However, he notices her sadness and questions why she is unhappy when it should be joyful. Nandini explains that she was happy at first, but now that the news has made Mehul sad, she feels guilty. When Manri asks if they have done something wrong, Nandini suggests asking them both. Turning to Ishwar, she expresses disappointment in his actions as well. Mehul then directly asks Nandini what mistake they have made, and she confesses that they went against her beliefs and values in the name of tradition. She also mentions that Ishwar knew her stance but still went ahead.

Ronaq destroys objects in his room and throughout the house in a rage. Despite Roupa’s attempts to intervene, he repeatedly pushes her onto the bed. When Virel questions his actions, Ronaq demands that he leave. He then declares that only his father can stop him, but not Hemraj, who only gives lectures. Ronaq expresses his hatred towards everyone and their quiet behavior, even when Jigar tries to step in and stop him.

Naren pushes Ronaq, asking if he would kill his own father. Ronaq replies that Naren is lucky to have Hemraj as his father. Naren asks if he came home after being drunk. Ronaq replies that if he was Virel Ratansi’s son, then he would also have been drunk. Chanchal consoles Rupa and orders Ronaq to leave. Heta is shocked to see him, but Ronaq leaves the room and Naren consoles Virel.

Ishwar inquires about Nandini’s conversation topic, to which she responds that they did not even drink water at their house. Naren had informed her that he saw them eating at the Dhaba because they couldn’t have water there. Mehul expresses Nandini’s anger over such a seemingly trivial matter. In response, Nandini questions why they are both smiling. Ishwar acknowledges that the tradition was broken in their house but suggests it may not be the case in the other family. However, Nandini speculates that they may disregard this tradition if they don’t accept dowry. Mehul then reveals that they had decided to eat at the Dhaba, and Naren had joined them and found it too spicy.

Ishwar mentions that Nandini’s mother-in-law has sent her a dish. Nandini, filled with excitement, opens it but is interrupted by Mitesh’s arrival. He inquires about the reason for the celebration, to which Mehul responds that his sister’s marriage has been finalized. Mitesh attempts to take the dish away, but Manri suggests sharing it with their neighbors and relatives as happiness should be spread. Manri then asks if a date has been set for the wedding. Ishwar explains the situation before Nandini becomes concerned about how they will manage everything. Manri speaks up and asks when the jewelry will arrive. Nandini requests Mitesh to retrieve the box as she would like to open it before their uncle forgets again and begins asking for the key. Ishwar expresses his worries about the situation.

The entire family is worried as Roupa cries. Virel heads to the couch while Naren questions Jigar’s silence as the eldest. Jigar explains that he didn’t want to interfere in a father-son conversation. Naren reminds them that they live in a joint family, and Virel loves them equally. However, Virel joins in on the tears, and Naren comforts him. Amidst this, he expresses their fear of making a mistake in his upbringing and apologizes to Roupa on Ronaq’s behalf before sitting in front of her. Unfortunately, Roupa rejects his apology as Virel starts crying next to her.

When everyone tries to stop Roupa, she leaves the room. Samta sits beside Virel, and Roupa is calling to Ronaq, who is unconscious beside the chair. Virel rushes to his side, asking what happened, and even Naren and Jigar are concerned when Hemraj comes and sees who they are all shocked by. In front of Ronaq, the entire family stands, and Hem Ra turns angry towards them all.


Nandini worries about how her uncle will arrange the wedding without the jewelry when Hemraj says there is no auspicious time for the next four months. Ishwar is worried.

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