Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th Dec 2023 Written Update: Abhira’s Bold Stand Shocks the Family!

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai -

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 15th December 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Armaan requesting Krish to double-check the timer. Krish confirms that Abhira has surpassed Dadi’s record. A woman congratulates Kaveri for facing tough competition. Vidya intervenes and attempts to handle the situation. Still unconvinced, Armaan urges for another timer check. Rohit reassures everyone it’s alright and expresses excitement about his favorite rasam. They all gather around for the ritual. Vidya explains that Armaan and Rohit will have the first bite of ghewar, and their wives will share it on the same plate. Rohit takes a bite and feeds it to Ruhi, receiving applause from everyone. Kajal encourages Armaan to eat, too, who then takes a bite of ghewar and offers some to Abhira. However, Abhira politely declines, saying she cannot accept food from others.

She says Armaan is your husband. Abhira says, but I don’t share food with anyone besides momma. She’s more important than anyone else. Dadi scolds her. Abhira argues. Dadi asks Armaan to ask her to eat it quietly. Abhira refuses. They explain that we will forget about this rasam and think logically for a while.

Abhira and Dadi keep their opinions. Abhira says you need to change the culture and your thinking over time. Sorry, I won’t eat leftover food. Armaan says he doesn’t want to force her to take rasam. Dadi sees Madhav. Manisha says you are going against Dadi for your wife’s sake. Manoj says to stop.

The ladies gossip. Abhira walks away. She cries. She goes and eats the food. Armaan says thanks for getting Abhira downstairs, but she needs to stay in the room. She says to give her some time to bond with the family. He says she has to leave in one year. Charu and Kiara fix Abhira’s makeup. Kiara says you have said it well.

Abhira asks why, you thought I was Armaan’s mistake. Kiara says you judged me, sorry. Everyone is waiting for you for the last rasam. Charu says I’ll take your plate, and you can eat it after the dance. Kiara gets torn in her dress. She asks what she should do. Abhira says I’ll fix it. She takes her saree pin and fixes it to Kiara’s dress. She thanks her for her help.

Abhira will adjust in a few days, according to Ruhi.

Armaan inquires, “Have you adjusted well? Are you content here?” He adds, “How can you even ask that?” Rohit then intervenes, reminding them of their promise to keep Ruhi happy. However, he accuses the other person of not caring for him. Armaan chimes in, saying, “Happy wife, happy life.” Rohit agrees and suggests taking Abhira on a honeymoon to keep her happy. To show his affection, Armaan casually eats food from Abhira’s plate. Charu notices and playfully says that this act will increase their love. Sanjay becomes frustrated and makes a snide remark. Trying to diffuse the tension, Rohit turns to Ruhi and asks if she’s okay with him eating her leftover food instead.

Ruhi and Abhira dance to Ghoomar song. Abhira imagines Akshara smiling. Everyone smiles. Abhira’s saree gets loose and opens up. Dadi sees this and worries. She shouts Abhira. She stops dancing and drops the pots. Armaan runs to Abhira and tries to fix it.

Madhav jokes on Abhira. Madhav says thanks for coming, and you can leave now. The guests leave. Dadi says I tolerated insult, but not the world laughing at me. No one knew, Vidya says…. Dadi says she should have known, you’ve shown everyone Bahu’s face, now hide your face. Dadi shouts at Abhira, saying don’t tell anyone. She wishes your mother didn’t teach you manners.


Ruhi looks on as Abhira cries and gets scolded by Dadi. Abhira does the work and demonstrates everything her mother taught her. Armaan coughs. Abhira runs and gets water for him. He thanks her.

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