Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th July 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

Everyone dances with Akshara in the episode. Hafte me char shanivaar…plays…Abhinav smiles and showers flowers at Akshara. They dance. Abhimanyu and Ruhi also dance. Abhir smiles at him. Manjiri waits for them. She asks where is Shefali, doesn’t she want food? Nishta says she is having dinner in her room.

Mahima asks Mahima to think again. Mahima asks shall I go to court and the same thing should happen to Shivu as it did to Abhir. Akshara asks Abhir about his first day at school. She says whatever happened before he went to school wasn’t good. She says Manjiri is my elder, so she can scold me, focus on my studies. Abhir says you have become a lawyer now, ask the court uncle to let us spend time together. She cries.

Abhimanyu says it’s late. Abhir says yes, I’m also getting sleep. They leave. They come home. Manjiri asks them to have food. Ruhi says no, we already had a lot, we danced there, so you should have come. Abhir goes. Manjiri explains Abhi. She says I’m a mum, so I’m saying moments spent with mum are more important than moments spent with dad, make your bond stronger.

Akshara makes a list. Abhinav wipes it. He says I’m helping you. Manish says this is called help. Abhinav says a mother wants to do everything, but this wheel decides it. Kairav says yes. Akshara thanks them. Dadi says we’ll always regret he’s not here, lock this sorrow when he’s here. Suwarna says yes, otherwise you won’t be able to live this joy.

Akshara says yes, he will stay here for 2 days, we will be with them. Manish says he will just be with you two. Mahima does aarti of Shivu and hugs him. He hugs and runs Shefali. Shefali cries. Parth asks him to meet everyone. Ruhi comes. He says you are getting bigger. She said I made you the butterfly card.

When Abhimanyu comes to Shivu, he hugs him and says, “You’ve grown up.”. Shivu calls him Sir. Abhimanyu calls him Chachu. Abhir is introduced. Abhimanyu gets a call and goes. Parth asks Shivu to share the room with Abhir until his new room is ready. Shivu steps on Abhir’s foot and leaves. Ruhi asks what happened.

The PTA assignment for Abhir has been assigned to Akshara. She says I want him to become a singer. Abhimanyu says we want him to become a doctor, sorry he will become anything he wants to. They both argue and end the call. The kids play. Mahima says party snacks and chits are here, enjoy now. Abhir refuses juice. Shefali, Shivu are so happy. The elders leave.

Shivu explains the game to the kids. He points at Abhir and asks him to speak. Ruhi spills juice on her dress. She goes to clean it. Abhir takes the chit and sees Papa written on it. He is asked to speak. Abhir says Abhimanyu Birla is my Papa’s name. He thinks of Abhinav and gets confused. Shivu asks why are you confused, do you have two dads. Shivu and his friends make fun of Abhir and make fun of him. Abhir cries and leaves. Ruhi asks where Abhir went when Ruhi returns.

Shefali cries and says I m a bad mum, I’m not happy about my son’s return. Akshara says you worry about him and want the best for him. Shefali says sorry to call you and talk about this, she wants to tell Shivu about me and Parth. Shefali thanks her. Akshara asks what Abhir is doing. Shefali says he is playing with Shivu and his friends. Akshara says good, the kids will take care of each other.


Akshara smiles when Abhimanyu says we are coming home. Manjiri says that’s not right. Akshara goes to Abhimanyu and asks what happened to my son. You said you would get him home, but he hasn’t reached me yet.

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