Agnisakshi 27th March 2023 Written Update

Agnisakshi 27th March 2023 Written Episode Update on

During the episode, Satvik asks Mausi what you’re doing here? Juhi says Satvik should have come here after Lata had slapped Jeevika. Lata asks Satvik to ask his wife. Satvik says enough, I cannot stand Jeevika’s insult. Jeevika says Mausi didn’t mean that. Satvik asks what gold digger, gambling for marriage are. He says he heard otherwise you would have refused.

Lata says I don’t refuse my sayings and tells that she didn’t give him birth, but he’s her son. Narayan knows this, and he complains to him. Jeevika says it’s not Satvik’s fault. Narayan says enough. Outside the insurance office, Siddhi meets Pradeep. Pradeep says you didn’t get time to speak to me. Siddhi replies, “It was Jeevika”. Bhao ji did well in making Jeevika quiet and saying that she doesn’t deserve to speak, she’s showing her colors.

According to her, you were right about Satvik not being like Utkarsh. If he were in his position and had said that to me, Rajnandini will clarify. Narayan agrees with Lata that if Utkarsh were present, he wouldn’t have made this mistake. He praises Satvik for acting in a way that reflects the values of Narayan Bhosle. He also mentions his loyalty towards Savitri and how Satvik has proved his love for Jeevika by standing up for her against Insults. This makes Rajnandini upset while Juhi admits their plans have failed. Narayan urges Lata to leave as the marriage is now official, but he cannot forgive her mistake. Jeevika addresses him affectionately as “baba.”

Pradeep informs Siddhi about Jhanvi’s longing for Jeevika and suggests inviting them over. However, Siddhi proposes visiting their house instead to check in on Jhanvi’s well-being and adjustment. Meanwhile, Satvik recounts a disturbing incident where Mausi raised her hand to slap Jeevika. Jeevika expresses her desire to make things right and visits Mausi to talk. However, Satvik reminds her that the house doesn’t belong solely to her. Swara feels left out as everyone plans to meet Jeevika except for her, due to an upcoming exam.

Manohar informs Jhanvi that he has something for her to pass on to Jeevika. Upon Jeevika’s arrival, she goes to Lata and expresses regret for her actions. Lata takes this opportunity to share a message with her, acknowledging Jeevika’s superiority over Rajnandini. With genuine concern, Lata advises Jeevika to be cautious around Rajnandini as she may be the next target of her obsession. She shares that she witnessed a dangerous look in Rajnandini’s eyes and plans to confront her before anyone else is awake. After apologizing again, Jeevika touches Lata’s feet and leaves. In silence, Lata promises to punish Rajnandini for her behavior.

Satvik is praised by Rajnandini for taking her side. Satvik says the girl who sacrificed her dreams in order to save mine. He says he will not let anything go wrong until she is here. Rajnandini asks him about the papers, and he replies that they are insurance documents…Then Rajnandini gets a call. She picks it up angrily and scolds Rao. Satvik thinks the bhabhi is stressed, so I won’t say more.

During the night, Satvik tells Jeevika that Papa does not regard me as Udkarsh bhaiyya, as he sees himself in me. He says today he stood up for me.


She laughs at Satvik for using toothpaste as shaving cream. Satvik applies toothpaste on her face. Jeevika says the game is on.

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