Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 7th September 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 7th September 2023 Written Episode Update on

When Raghav says Swati will get checked by the doctor, Surili says I made soup for her, maybe the vegetables weren’t fresh. Raghav scolds her for this. The maid says I got this soup bowl from Swati’s room, it smells like medicine. Ranimaa checks. She says the veggies look good. She gets a scolding from Raghav.

Swati needs to be cared for at least, Raghav says. We all care about Swati, Shiv says. The maid says Surili made this soup, and she won’t let anyone touch it. Surili says I didn’t do anything intentionally, you’re hurt, please forgive me. Swati says she doesn’t know what happens next. Ranimaa says nothing happened, everything is fine, Surili made no mistake. Swati says nothing is wrong with her.

Asked how Swati vomited, Ranimaa says that the kitchen is fine, maybe dishwasher chemicals were in the bowl. Doctor says yes, she will be fine. I have written some tests. Samar says it’s unfair, so much bias, Ranimaa isn’t speaking for Swati. Swati is signed by Roshni.

RaAnimaa says don’t worry Swati. Swati says she’s fine, Surili isn’t mistaken, she thought for me and my baby. Doctor asks, but Swati isn’t… Samar stops him and says come, I’ll drop you off. Swati acts. Surili says sorry, I will take care of you and your baby, get well soon. Swati says that’s fine, I’ll take my medicines myself. Roshni says no, Surili is right, she will give you your medicines on time.

Surili departs. Raghav says Ranimaa used a cheap reason to save Surili. Roshni says everyone’s faith in Surili will fade. Shiv says you are my life. Surili nods. Shiv says to take care of yourself and your baby. She replies that she takes care of everyone equally, and Raghav and Swati’s baby is also ours. Shiv tells her Maa told her to rest. He calms her down.

Roshni asks what should I do. Samar says the drama should be amazing, Surili should be ousted from the house. She says I am doing this for my son, why are you doing this?

In his opinion, you shouldn’t focus on that, Swati should take vitamins or calciums. I don’t care, neither should you. He goes. Shiv and Surili spend time together. He says I want a beautiful daughter, like you. She says I want a son, like you. They argue. He says okay, son or daughter, the child will be ours. She agrees.

Whenever Mohit calls him, she asks Shiv to come soon, Ranimaa asks Roshni how long she will remain with her family. Roshni says I’ll go soon, the doctor told me to stay with my family. You came here empty handed, you’ll leave empty handed, you’re getting treated well, but you don’t have the right intentions. Raghav calls him. Roshni says she’s still egotistical.

He shows some pictures. He says it’s the first 7-star hotel in Ranakgarh. Ranimaa asks what. He says yes, my vision is to make Ranakgarh a top destination. She says thought is good. Samar watches. She asks how you’ll raise funds. Raghav replies, “I’ve thought about it.” She asks who your financers are. He says it’s not sudden, I have planned it carefully, don’t doubt me, I’m your son, I’ll handle it all. She says it’s a big project.

He says I need your blessing. Samar says come on, convince her. Roshni shouts Swati. Ranimaa asks what happened. Roshni says she fainted, it might be side effects of any medicine. Raghav asks what. She calls the doctor. Shiv and Surili come. She asks her what she ate. Surili says she just took a calcium tablet.

Surili scolds Raghav. Samar gets the doctor. The doctor says her pulse is dropping, we must start treating her.


Raghav and everyone cry. Surili worries. Surili goes downstairs. Shiv hugs Raghav. Raghav and everyone cry.


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