Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 5th September 2023

Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 5th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Throughout the episode, everyone worries about Hemant. Vandana says she’s fine, but Vijay says don’t lie, you’re not okay, why did the goons come back? Vijay gets dizzy hearing this. Vandana worries. Kunal says I will ruin Vandana’s life if anything happens to Vedika. Anagha says Hemant took a 25 lakhs loan for his business, he had mortgaged the house papers, so the house will become theirs if we don’t return the money within a month.

Vandana shares that she gave medicine to their dad, causing him to fall asleep. Aaji mentions that their neighbors had also faced a similar situation. Hemant admits that he is responsible for the problem and ends up hurting himself. However, they all intervene and stop him from harming himself further. He apologizes to Vandana, while Aaji wonders what will happen next. Mrunal suggests that they help Hemant and hopes for Anagha’s support as well. Hemant turns to Vandana for help, pleading with her to save him. She stops him and he breaks down in tears. She reassures him that nothing bad will happen to their family on this Raksha Bandhan day and asks him not to say such things again. She promises to find a solution within a month by paying off the loan but they all wonder how they will manage it.

Aaji says it’s your wedding after a month, what about your marriage preparations. Mrunal says I don’t think it will happen. Vandana cries. She says Hemant should have thought of his family at least, I have a right to remain happy. She saves the family photo from falling.

Kunal says Vandana is irritating and bad news, I cannot accept this. Vedika asks him to calm down. He scolds Bobby in anger. He says I can’t accept it, sorry, Vandana and her family have crossed the line. Kuldeep calls him. Vedika says don’t tell him, he’ll get angry. He says relax, sit. Kuldeep asks where you are, I know Vedika got there and wasted your time. I’m concerned for her, since she hasn’t called me back.

I won’t send her back so soon, don’t worry. Kuldeep says fine, I’m waiting for some good news. Kunal says first I have to find a permanent solution to Vandana. Vedika says no, Vandana helped me, I got a panic attack seeing the house locked, she saved me from being hurt, she was taking us to the beach, I know she is hurt. Kunal considers them all problematic. Guneet and Pammi arrive there. They don’t like the locality. She says we will stay in the penthouse.

Kunal won’t agree, Gureet says. He says he doesn’t think he will agree. She says I’ll convince him, we’ll not stay in a rented house. She says to forget it. Vandana thinks of how to get money. Anagha says Vaibhav told me you postponed the marriage, why? Vandana says I have to handle this tension first. Aaji says, just let it be, how will you stay happy? There’s nothing else for me, I know dad will feel bad, but I will explain to him that I did not cancel the marriage.

Shivam comes and asks will the police arrest dad or will the goons oust us. She says no, the police won’t come in our house. Kunal says police have arrived. Vandana asks why. Inspector says we want to talk to Vijay. She says dad has high blood pressure, he took medicine and went to sleep. The inspector says Kunal filed a complaint against your family, and thugs are coming here to trouble your family, as well as his family.

The goons have attacked my family, and we are also worried. I have helped you once, but this happens every day, Vandana scolds Kunal. She says we need to file a complaint against the goons, we are victims, and Kunal argues with her. When Vijay comes and folds his hands, he says, “Please, don’t do that.” Vandana and the others cry. Kunal says you weren’t there, do not repeat this. He leaves.


Kunal shouts and calls her out. She asks what happened. He says theft. Vedika ties a rakhi to Kunal. Vandana ties a rakhi to Hemant.

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