Suhaagan 28th July 2023 Written Update

Suhaagan 28th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

Payal apologizes for the mess. Krish says I will clean it. He becomes upset. Payal follows. Phoolmati says I will bring Bindiya. Payal says 10 steps and you will be in front of me. She then pretends to faint and falls down. He holds her and makes her sit. He asks if anyone is here? He says to open her eyes. When Payal opens her eyes and says she cannot see him with another woman. She says I got late. Krish says it is impossible for me to marry someone else when I love you.

The people will call me betrayal, Payal says. Krish says no, nobody will blame you, since I will stop the marriage. He goes and tells Baldev that he cannot marry Bindiya. Baldev says this is a matter of shame. When Bindiya drops the garland, Baldev asks what is this misbehavior, and says if you think it is a joke. Krish says he loves just Payal, and that marrying her would be a joke. Payal comes there and says, “Please stop all of this!”

Krish pleads with her to remain silent. Baldev accuses her of betraying both him and Bindiya, saying that breaking their marriage would result in her being forced out of the house. Indu defends Krish, pointing out that he now has a legal claim to the property. Dadi reprimands Payal for destroying her sister’s life. Krish reveals that Payal was willing to sacrifice her own love for her sister’s happiness. Payal meets Bindiya’s gaze and apologizes, claiming that all is fair in love and war. Bindiya slaps Payal, but it turns out to be just a figment of Payal’s imagination.

The father takes the aarti plate from her hand and performs Krish’s aarti. Payal thinks her plan is great, and doesn’t care if she gets slapped because everyone thinks she sacrificed for Bindiya. As a result, Dadi slips and Krish’s tilak isn’t done well, but the kumkum falls on Vikram’s clothes. Payal thinks her first plan is ruined. Dadi makes them wear garland. Indu’s friend informs her that envelopes are not being given.

The Sarpanch, Master Ji, and others bring Bindiya there. The Dilbaro song plays….Baldev says to Ishwar that Bindiya is the daughter of the entire village, and she has earned this love through hard work and respect. Krish gives Payal his hand, then gives Bindiya his hand. She gets up on stage and holds Krish’s hand. Looking at each other, Krish and Bindiya smile.

During Nidhi’s visit, Krish and Bindiya receive a garland. Pankaj and others lift Krish. Bindiya smiles. Krish signs them to keep him down and bends his head so that Bindiya can make him wear a garland. Sakshi informs Indu that Krish has accepted slavery from the start. When Payal sees the kids playing there, she smears the flower ball in rangoli of blue and walks towards them. Krish makes Bindiya wear the garland.

Bindiya bows down and touches Krish’s feet, as Payal tosses a color flower ball at his face. Krish immediately assumes it was Payal’s doing and fears that she will fall apart from this act. With a sly smirk, Payal revels in her plan coming together. The entire room is taken aback by the unexpected turn of events. Baldev inquires about the culprit responsible for this prank. Payal scolds the children involved and urges them to go elsewhere to play. She then instructs Krish to clean his face, while Sakshi reminds him about the photos that could potentially be ruined if he doesn’t wash up quickly. Krish obliges and offers to have Pankaj accompany him. Payal takes note of Pankaj sticking close to Krish and promptly sends a waiter to fetch him. As soon as Pankaj leaves, Payal begins her countdown, anticipating Krish’s arrival. She then fakes fainting and collapses on the ground, hoping to finally win Krish over with her cunning scheme.


Payal thinks Krish came to tell her that this marriage shall not go through. She turns and sees Bindiya standing. Bindiya asks why this marriage should not take place.


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