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Meet 4th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

When Raunak wakes up, he finds his lawyer with him. In his request for bail, the lawyer cites Shagun’s illness and says she wants to meet her son. Sumeet tries to stop the lawyer, saying it’s not true, but the lawyer presents fake reports, resulting in Raunak’s release. Bitti decides to marry Shlok to protect him from Sumeet. As soon as Raunak is released from prison, Shagun tells Poonam that she plans to celebrate both Shlok’s wedding and Raunak’s freedom.

Shagun documents Bitti’s dance at the sangeet event and texts Sumeet, stating that only 9 hours remain until Shlok’s nuptials. Sumeet remains resolute in her determination to fight for her husband. Meanwhile, Shlok confronts Shagun about deceiving him and his family, as she feigns innocence. In an attempt to emotionally manipulate Shlok, Shagun’s true intentions are revealed but he stands by Sumeet. Poonam directs her anger towards Shlok, while Shagun assures them that all will be well once Bitti becomes his bride. Sumeet seeks counsel from her doctor regarding the readiness of their plan, as Shagun orders her goons to release Raunak.

While responding to a call about a blocked road, the constable is suddenly attacked by goons who demand the release of Raunak. Despite being taken out of the police van, Raunak soon finds himself under attack by the same goons. Shagun receives a call notifying her that the police van has not yet arrived. Meanwhile, the goons reveal to Raunak that his own mother sent them to kill him for causing trouble. Thankfully, Raj arrives and expresses his gratitude towards the inspector and commissioner for their assistance in saving his sister’s life. However, Shagun’s lawyer reveals that Raunak has been abducted. Adding to her stress, Shlok teases Shagun about how Raunak may expose the truth about what truly happened during their marriage.

Shagun updates Poonam on Sumeet and Raj’s fresh start and encourages her to have Bitti and Shlok tie the knot right away. However, Shlok struggles to sway Poonam’s determination and grows anxious about Sumeet’s ability to get Raunak to confess. Meanwhile, goons alert Shagun that Priya got her medication from a nearby store and was en route to Shagun’s residence. This revelation leads Shagun to deduce that Priya is hiding at her place and sees beyond Sumeet’s scheme.

Shagun uses newspapers to produce smoke, while Raj and Sumeet await Raunak’s recovery to persuade him to confess the truth. Raj commends Sumeet for her resolute determination in fighting for Shlok. Passing her the phone, Shlok reveals his mehendi with only her name inscribed on it. In a gesture of unity, Raj brings some mehendi and writes Shlok’s name on Sumeet’s palm. Amidst the smoke-filled room, Priya struggles and attempts to hide but is discovered by Shagun due to her coughing. The sudden revelation that his wedding is currently taking place shocks Sumeet as revealed by Shlok. Despite this, he implores her not to give up hope. As Shagun leads Priya away, Sumeet patiently waits for Raunak to awaken from his unconscious state.


Shagun holding Priya says I’ll take you to the court and let him know my son is innocent. Sumeet prays for Raunak’s well-being so that everyone knows the truth. Shlok sees Priya and Shagun, and says to Shagun that you are not allowed to go out until I’m here because Sumeet can’t lose until I’m here.


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