Barsatein – Mausam Pyar Ka 1st August 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 1st August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

As soon as Reyansh arrives at Aradhana’s house, he taunts her. She says I need to speak to you. Harsh asks them to talk. He says he will get Reyansh clothes. Reyansh approaches Aradhana. Her mom and dad will come, she says. He asks if you cleaned all the dirt, like the clinic, don’t worry, I’ll think and talk to you. You look like a cheat, he says. She says like a dream, you don’t know how to praise. He asks if you are afraid.

Having reached here for the first time, Aradhana says she is nervous. Bhakti gets coffee. Harsh asks Reyansh to change clothes. Reyansh says he just came to pick up Aradhana, there will be a big announcement in the office about the big leap in your career. Aradhana asks about their marriage. Harsh says I’ll discuss it too. But there’s a storm outside. He says no storm can harm her until I’m with her.

As they make their way to the office, she reminds him to drive carefully. As they reach their destination, he plays Kadambari’s song and she comments on his eccentricity. He reveals that he is “mad in her love” and they are met by colleagues Reyansh and Aradhana. Confirming everyone’s presence, he acknowledges their role in selling news quickly and accurately, but today he has become the news himself as a victim of harassment with the hashtag #metoo. Sunaina expresses disbelief but he insists on having proof that a girl used him for promotion and touched him inappropriately. Feeling frustrated, he questions where a man like him can seek justice. Aradhana interrupts his tirade with a simple question.

Aradhana asks him to stop. Sunaina asks him to stop. Reyansh asks why are you doing this. She pushes him and cries. He says, “Look at her truth, who will fight for me?” Someone will also take my complaint. Sunaina asks Vikram to take Reyansh inside. Aradhana cries. Sunaina asks everyone to get to work. She asks how can you put allegations on an innocent girl? He says I have proof. He shows Aradhana a video of Aradhana and his intimacy. Aradhana is shocked.

He says this girl took advantage of me, used me, and touched me wrongly, and Vikram asks Reyansh to turn it off. Sunaina asks Reyansh if she saw. Aradhana asks why are you doing this, you said you would delete it. He says you slapped me in this office, right. Aradhana says you slapped me to take revenge, how could you do that? Reyansh asks Sunaina to take action. He leaves. Sunaina says sorry, I’m going to speak to Reyansh.

Aradhana sobs and shares, “I had believed I could heal him, but he’s a toxic man. Why couldn’t I see his true colors? He has ruined my life.” Sunaina curiously questions Reyansh about the situation. Reyansh hands her a video, instructing her to destroy it. He looks at Aradhana accusingly and demands that she hand over her ID card and batch. He then tells Sunaina to pay her salary. Aradhana reveals, “You planned this revenge all along, with your deceitful smile, friendship, and ring. We were going to get married.” To which Reyansh bluntly responds, “I have no interest in marriage. I’m not foolish enough to be led on like a project. You played me.”

He asks Sunaina and Vikram to save him from Aradhana. He jokes on Aradhana. He says whatever this girl did, punish her. He says to get out of my office and my life. Aradhana takes her stuff. Bhakti calls her. Aradhana says I’ll call later. Sunaina apologizes. Aradhana says I’m quitting and I’ll mail my resignation. She believes Reyansh broke her heart. Vikram gets sad. He claps for Reyansh. Reyansh asks, “Will you do anything about this?”. Vikram scolds him.

He says you ruined her life. Reyansh says no, she’ll fool someone else, she’s cunning. Vikram says you made a story in your heart, what did you get doing this, Aradhana is right, you planned this, but you can’t do this, tell me what’s all this, jealousy, ego, are you really this disgusting? Vikram says you deserve everything you’ve had. Reyansh says you think whatever you want.

It is bitter, but it is good, Reyansh says, Aradhana lied to me about going to the hotel room with Mayank. Vikram says did you ask her. Reyansh says yes, she lied to me, I know women’s nature. Vikram says you don’t need anyone, burn in your fire. Reyansh says I burned. Aradhana comes home. The guests meet her. They all clap for her as she comes home.


The news gets leaked. Harsh and everyone are shocked. Aradhana is scolded by Harsh.

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