Barsatein – Mausam Pyar Ka 14th August 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 14th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

As the Episode begins, Aradhana arrives in Dehradun and heads towards the bakery. The driver comments on the refreshing atmosphere of the city compared to the city’s pollution and negativity. Aradhana wonders if this change in scenery could bring a change in her fate. Once at the bakery, she is directed to sit on a stool as she is alone; the tables are reserved for large groups. She orders black coffee while being reminded of the fresh air that awaits her before returning to the city. However, Aradhana clarifies that she has not come here to leave but rather to search for someone. The lady suggests trying cold coffee for young people and hot coffee for those nursing a broken heart.

Aradhana informs me that we have some work to discuss regarding these letters. The lady then requests the girls to leave, reminding them that sitting is only for those who are eating. One of the girls responds by saying they will place an order now. However, the lady quickly interjects and tells them not to waste her time and to leave. Aradhana clarifies that this letter contains the address of the bakery and asks if Mimmi happens to come here. The lady nods in understanding. Sunaina comments on the sudden change in atmosphere, while Vikram remains optimistic that Reyansh will eventually realize his mistake and be heartbroken about it. In that moment, Reyansh arrives with loud music playing from his speaker and a drink in hand. Sunaina questions whether he truly believes he will change, to which Reyansh responds by admitting that he has been fired and she had resigned previously as well. However, she explains that she is back because of his father’s request for her to rejoin the team.

Reyansh announces the party is still happening. The lady shares that her late husband, Rajan, used to run this bakery. Aradhana apologizes and asks for help in finding Mimmi, who is her mother. She explains that after her birth, Mimmi left her with a friend and she just wants to know why. The lady inquires about Mimmi’s full name and advises that it will be difficult to find her by just using a first name. She also adds that those who leave never return. She then expresses her disappointment in not being able to have tea with her husband, but instead having it alone with memories of him. Aradhana understands the feeling of loneliness all too well, as her family has rejected and shunned her.

The lady says we are all alone at the end, have biscuits, weather changes anytime. She asks for 100rs for coffee. Aradhana thanks her. She says please tell me if you know about Mimmi. The lady says stop, have a cup of milk coffee, it’s free. Sunaina says you are responsible for these mistakes. Reyansh says keep your lecture to yourself, I am on a date with a girl. She gets the laptop and says we fixed it, you broke it that day.

Reyansh insists it doesn’t belong to him, while Sunaina claims it belongs to Aradhana. She tells him to get rid of it and his mission will be accomplished. Judging by her tone, she seems exasperated with him and walks away. The lady then invites him to a high-profile party the next day, where wealthy individuals will be in attendance. She explains that if they make enough money from the event, she can take over the café. She adds that if he has the courage, he should find and reveal the truth behind everything. Vikram reminds her not to forget their act of appearing cool despite being in pain. Reyansh playfully jokes around before telling Vikram to leave, causing him to exit.

Reyansh shuts down the laptop after seeing Aradhana’s picture. The lady tells Aradhana I have prepared everything for tomorrow’s party. Aradhana says sweets are her weakness. The lady asks her to try it. Aradhana eats the chocolate fudge. She asks the lady to take her phone. She is asked to answer by Beena. Malini says the order should be delivered on time because it is an engagement there. I am speaking from Khanna Mansion.

As Aradhana eats the fudge, she says sorry mumma. She remembers Bhakti. Malini stops her daughters from fighting. She says it’s your elder sister’s engagement tomorrow, where is she? The girl says she went for a drive with Angad. Viren warns her mother not to panic. Malini says sweets can only be bought from a bakery. Aradhana would like to meet her mother.


Aradhana and her mom meet at the temple. Reyansh says I still love Aradhana.

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