Barsatein 5th December 2023 Written Episode | Aradhana and Jai’s Unusual Marriage Drama Unfolds!


Barsatein 5th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jai leaving with the police. Aradhana says stop, Jai didn’t do anything, she’s lying. Jai says, “Don’t worry, we’re getting married.” He leaves. Reyansh smiles. He asks them to play the band. Aradhana challenges him. All try to help Jai. Nita says that this is because of Aradhana. Akash says I’ll meet the MLA. Aradhana says I’ll go to the police station. Nita gets angry.

As Aradhana leaves, Reyansh smiles. She sees the gate locked. She thinks I’ll go from here. She asks Reyansh to open the door. He teases her. He says I’ll take you to the police station, come. He thinks I’ll break your head, open the door. He says I don’t know the keys; wait. He opens the lock. He promises to drop you off. She refuses and goes.

A call from Varun informs Nita of everything. Akash says we need to get Jai’s bail. He scolds the inspector. Varun says Dad is threatening policemen. Nita says no, stop him. She argues with Bhakti and Malini. Varun says Jai won’t get bail before Monday. Aradhana and Reyansh arrive. Aradhana asks the Inspector to leave Jai. The inspector says Jai won’t get bail. Reyansh asks how their marriage will go, terrible. Jai gets angry at Reyansh. The inspector scolds him. Jai says Aradhana will never forgive him.

Reyansh says I never deserved her forgiveness, but I deserve her love. She loves me. Inspector says Jai is already married, don’t do a drama here, talk to him in court. Reyansh says she is a debate champion, Jai is my friend, and she is my love. The inspector asks what kind of love story. Aradhana argues. She asks the Inspector to leave Jai. He refuses. She says I’ll show you now. The inspector asks what she’s doing. Reyansh and Jai ask her not to break these things.

I broke the things so you won’t lock me with Jai now. The inspector asks the constable to lock them up. Reyansh says she is mad. Leave her. Jai asks why did you do this to her. Aradhana says Reyansh thinks I will just watch your arrest. He did this in his ego, and I felt like him and did the same because it was tomorrow’s wedding. The inspector asks Reyansh to leave, but Reyansh refuses. Constables take him out.

Akash inquires about the present situation, to which the Inspector reminds him if he had provided any necessary information. Akash reassures Jai not to be anxious about whether he will remain in custody. Aradhana confirms that their wedding is tomorrow and urges her soon-to-be husband not to worry. Akash praises them for taking advantage of their alone time. He adds that they will both be released in the morning, and they will pay for falsely charging them with a case. Nita is shocked to hear this news and realizes they are both behind bars. Aradhana cannot eat due to the circumstances and makes a request. The constable then inquires about the situation with the two men. Aradhana explains Reyansh, and the constable suggests she marry him to end this matter. However, Aradhana has a different request for her.

He says I got a call, and people call me anywhere these days. Reyansh says Aradhana is mad. The constable gives Aradhana red chunri. She said you would get me fired, so I gave you special permission. A man asks Jai if you’re getting married. Jai asks what, and the lady says you’re doing right, keep the guy under control. Constable says I’ll tell you if Pandit Ji comes.

Intehaa…plays… Reyansh knocks on the door. Pandit says you want to marry in jail. Aradhana says we are powerless, we have to teach someone a lesson, and we took special permission to marry here. Reyansh presses the horn. Constables stop him. Aradhana and Jai sit to get married. Intehaa…plays… Reyansh knocks on the door. He says you have to take the rounds around the fire, and you will forever be bound together. Jai says no, pandit ji. I don’t want to do this marriage.

Adhana looks at him. What do you say? He says no, I don’t want to marry you this way; what are you doing? She says you’ve seen what Reyansh did, and he got you arrested. Jai says our marriage, you accepted that it was today. She says no. You didn’t say you would marry me, he says. I regret saying this.


Kriti says I love you Jai. Jai says no, I love Aradhana. Reyansh smiles.

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