Anupama 9th December 2023 Written Episode | Anupama Confronts Family Issues and Dimpy’s Dilemma Unfolds!

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Anupama cautions both Barkha and Malti Devi, reminding Barkha to seek guidance from her mother-in-law as she had experienced a similar situation before. She advises them to keep negative thoughts to themselves and warns that if they speak ill of Choti, she will not hesitate to take action. Malti Devi makes a promise to herself and adjusts her saree, declaring that Anupama will be the one leaving, not her. As Anupama enters the room, she ponders how often she can forgive them for the same mistake. Just then, she receives a message from Kavya about shortlisting some houses.

Vanraj drops Dimpy off at her friend’s house, assuring her he will video call her later. She kindly reminds him not to worry and promises to call him herself. As Vanraj drives away and stops the car at a distance, he sees Dimpy and her friend exiting the house and waiting for someone. Anupama confides in Anuj about Vanraj’s uncaring attitude, ultimately leading Kavya to leave their home. She explains how she spoke with both Baa and Kavya, concluding that it was the right choice for Kavya. Anupama reveals her fears that Mr. Shah has become distant and created an oppressive environment for Dimpy. She worries Dimpy may follow in Kavya’s footsteps and leave the house. She laments that on one occasion, Vanraj even spoke rudely to her.

Anuj wants to know what was said. Anupama proceeds to fill him in on all the details. Anuj believes that Vanraj has changed and turned over a new leaf. He believes that Vanraj tends to take things to the extreme. Anupama agrees, adding that he often acts first and thinks later. Vanraj catches sight of a biker and becomes upset. He prepares to confront the biker but is interrupted by a friend asking why he arrived late. The courier apologizes to them for the delay.

Meanwhile, Vanraj contacts the academy and overhears Titu on the line. He worries about safeguarding Samar’s child. Dimpy’s friend asks her how she plans on going out in the evening and reminds her that her father-in-law might drop by unexpectedly. Anuj discusses Kavya’s house with someone else, stating his desire for it to be fully furnished.

Anupama mentions she will also join them. Anuj reminds her not to stress herself. She points out his own tendency to get stressed. Anuj clarifies that while they may handle stress practically, mothers tend to get more emotional. Anupama regrets not confiding in him about Barkha and Malti Devi. She realizes she has kept it hidden from him. Anuj expresses his hope that Pakhi is behaving appropriately there. Baa observes Pakhi playing loud music and munching on chips. She reminds herself to remain calm and advises Pakhi to avoid making a mess and keep the noise level low. Pakhi suggests they all go out to the park. Baa declines due to the hot weather and sternly tells Pakhi to stay within the confines of her in-laws’ home.

According to Pakhi, you can visit your daughter’s home whenever you please, while I cannot come here. She considers this to be a double standard. Baba has given you numerous chances, as your in-laws have, and no one else would do the same. Pakhi suggests that you should learn some manners. She believes that you are an expert at being rude. Just then, Kavya enters and reprimands Pakhi for speaking disrespectfully to Baa. She reminds Pakhi that even a daughter-in-law does not behave in such a manner. Pakhi explains that she has only come here because she couldn’t handle Anupama’s lectures anymore. Kavya then asks how long she plans to stay here.

Pakhi is unsure about the plans and mentions that her husband may join if he wishes. As she receives a call, she excitedly shares that she will have a good time and hurry up to get ready. She assures Baa and others that she will arrive late in the evening. In the meantime, Anuj and Anupama approach Choti. Choti embraces Anuj with affection and pleads for him not to be upset. She confides in him how fearful she can be at times. Anuj advises her against repeating such actions in the future. Mentioning an upcoming parent-teacher meeting, Choti urges Anuj to attend instead of her mother.

Anuj informs Anupama that they should rectify the mistake immediately before it’s too late. Vanraj dials Dimpy’s number and informs her that he can’t hear her properly. Dimpy assures him she is doing well and sends a message explaining the network issue. She tells her friend how guilty she feels for lying, but there isn’t much that she can do as they don’t have faith in her. Her friend wishes her good luck. Tapish and Dimpy wait outside the gate, eager to enter the event. Suddenly, Pakhi arrives with her friend and spots Dimpy. She taunts her for getting caught in her lie and smirks mischievously.


Vanraj asks Dimpy if she does not feel ashamed that she came here. Dimpy replies that Titu is her friend. He asks her to break that friendship. Dimpy says she is an adult. Pakhi asks her to meet him in a hotel room. Titu asks her to shut up. Vanraj slaps Titu for talking to his daughter in such a way. Anupama comes there and asks why your daughter would accuse her of bhabhi. Vanraj tells Anupama to stay away from her family and home. She asks who could tell me this. He shouts, saying, Vanraj Shah.

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