Pandya Store 6th October 2023 Written Episode: Natasha’s Brave Act Saves Anil, But Secrets Unfold

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 6th October 2023 Written Episode Update on

Natasha lectured the women at the start of the episode. The workers came over and asked what they were doing here, and they should be home. Natasha said women could do anything. The worker scolded her for spiking the tea. He says Amrish and everyone have fled. Natasha says they didn’t run, we didn’t do any mistake, why would we run. Amrish tries to call. The workers argue and tell their wives to leave. The wives start beating them. Papa to band bajaye…plays…

The worker gets a call. He asks if Anil is fine. He sees Natasha and thanks her. He says we held you all captive. You sent money and saved Anil’s life. Thank you very much. I don’t think you have to apologize, Natasha says, you are like my brothers, you work here, we get food at home, thank you very much. Pranali asks Natasha how she got money to send to the worker. Natasha says I had money; don’t mention it to Amrish.

All of them come out as the door opens. Amrish and everyone come out. Amba hugs her sons. Natasha says you know they were going to kill you; their wives explained it to them, and they understood. Women can move a mountain by their power; we saved you today; some men are foolish, not sensible like you. There will be no protests now, but you must pay Anil five lakhs as compensation; there are no other demands. Everyone cheers for women’s power. Amrish stares at Hetal. Hetal becomes tense.

Then Amrish blesses her sons and says, “I was so scared knowing all this. I forced them to come with me, but they did not want to, so Natasha used her mind, and we supported her.” Amrish says everything was okay because of your blessings. He thanks Natasha. He says you handled the situation well. He controls his anger. It’s our right to explain to you, we want you to be safe, so do it 100 times before you do it next time, bravery isn’t that much different from foolishness.

As they were discussing their plans for the day, Dolly suggested that they should have a party. However, Amba, feeling exhausted, declined and told that they would go home to rest. On the other hand, Natasha was determined to party, and Dolly eventually agreed. In the meantime, Amrish smiled as he watched the interaction between his friends. After hugging Natasha, Dolly remembered something she left inside and went to retrieve it. Dhawal offered to accompany her while Amba praised Natasha for being the star of the day. Dhawal hugged Natasha and thanked her for her quick thinking. He reminded her not to put herself in danger again, and she assured him that she wouldn’t because she knew he would always protect her. They shared a comforting hug before continuing with their plans for the night.

She sees the mall model. She says it means the Pandya store is also a part of the mall. She goes to check. She is shocked. She sits crying. Jag Soona Soona plays… Dhawal comes back to see her. He sees her with the mall model.


Natasha asks Dhawal to tell the truth that our relationship lacked truth. Dhawal says he cheated her. This love and marriage was for the Pandya store. She leaves the house. Dhawal cries.

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