Pandya Store 9th 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 9th June 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Raavi saying I got Shiva kidnapped. Dhara asks why you did this with him. Rishita says Dev and my plan. Suman asks did you go mad, who kidnaps someone? Rishita says we did that to trigger his memory. Dhara asks if he remembers. Dev says no. She says you didn’t talk about it with me. You’re right, we need to learn planning and plotting from me, as she has backstabbed us and promised Shiva to marry Arushi.

Malti reprimands Arushi, to which Arushi confidently responds that Dhara had made a promise that her life would never improve. Raavi congratulates her and suggests decorating the house. She reminds everyone that Dev and Rishita were present when Dhara made her promise to Shiva. Dev interjects, expressing his trust in Dhara and assuming that she only promised to avoid a potentially dangerous situation. Dhara defends herself against Raavi’s accusation by asking Suman not to believe her. Confused, Suman asks for clarification. Dhara passionately asserts that she would never lie to them and reveals how she had saved Shiva from getting run over by a truck and he had requested her to get him married. With a smug expression, Raavi probes Suman to react. In response, Suman takes a sip of water before Raavi pushes her to speak up.

Dhara confronts Rishita, expressing frustration over the constant interference. She explains her plan to Raavi and Dev, emphasizing that it will ultimately benefit them. However, Suman interjects, refusing to accept the situation.

Shiva will wait for me if I don’t accept this. Dhara says you remember how I got you married. Gautam and Krish arrive. Gautam says budget gets spoiled in wedding functions, so what’s the point, just remind Shiva about his last wedding? Rishita says we’ll recreate the wedding moments, maybe he’ll remember everything. Suman says no, think of Krish and Prerna’s marriage. Dhara says we’ll recreate the first one.

Dhara agrees to get them married, while Shweta remembers Chiku. Krish decides against taking any risks and marrying in this manner. Raavi, on the other hand, threatens to shoot Dhara and Arushi if she doesn’t marry Shiva. Gautam reminds her to show respect towards Dhara. However, Dhara strongly opposes the idea and expresses that she would rather be shot than have Arushi referred to as her sister. Suman asks for a glass of water from Dhara and warns her that she will die if things are ruined again. But Dhara refuses to comply. In light of the situation, Krish reiterates that he won’t go through with the marriage. Suman then splashes water and reminds him of his responsibilities as a father before giving a warning to Dhara. Finally, Gautam reassures everyone that he will handle everything.

Dhara states that they will speak with Prerna once, while Raavi breaks down in tears. She reassures everyone that she won’t let any wrongdoing occur. Meanwhile, Prerna looks through baby names as Raavi and others join her. Raavi embraces Prerna and apologizes for siding with Shivank. But Prerna kindly reminds her it was not her fault. Suman offers Prerna some juice and food, to which Shweta overhears. However, Prerna politely declines due to feeling nauseous, prompting Shweta to check on her. Rishita teases Suman, who playfully pinches her. Then, Suman encourages Prerna to eat raisins while Rishita adds that she is their responsibility now. Krish gives Gautam a hug as Dhara points out that it is now Suman’s duty to feed Prerna.

Shweta becomes saddened and leaves, while Dhara explains that they had been arranging a marriage between Krish and Prerna. Prerna expresses her desire to get married, but also mentions the need for a break. She states that she is ready to proceed if everyone else is on board. However, Dhara reveals that there is a plot twist. Shweta notices the divorce papers and becomes emotional. Curious, Prerna asks about the twist, to which Shweta responds with confusion and questions why she suddenly starts missing having a family despite always prioritizing money. As the divorce papers are blown outside of the room, Shweta retrieves them and Dhara continues by mentioning the plans for Shiva-Raavi and Dev-Rishita’s marriages as well, asking for their approval. Krish makes it clear that he does not agree, while Rishita pleads with Prerna to accept the proposal. Raavi also joins in by appealing for Prerna’s decision, stating that there is nothing left for her to enjoy in her own marriage so they should all get married together instead. In light of this conversation, Shweta decides to write a note conveying her thoughts.

If the brides and grooms get swapped then… They all say it won’t happen. Dhara promises and thinks I’ll make it happen.


If Shiva’s memory doesn’t return, how will the marriage end? Dhara and Shiva meet Arushi, who accepts the marriage.


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