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Kumkum Bhagya 21st August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on worldofentertainment.in

The Episode starts with Shahana asking if anyone has seen Prachi. Akshay says no, even he is searching for Prachi. Prachi arrives and says she is shaken up. Akshay says it seems you both drank together. Dida says sometimes your talk seems to be misbehavior. Akshay asks really Dida, and he apologizes. Prachi asks where Mihika is?

Ranbir asks Akshay about Mihika. Akshay calls Mihika, but her phone rings right there. He finds it under the table. Everyone becomes worried. Ashok says she’s not the type of girl who leaves her phone everywhere. Ranbir says I’ll search for her. Everyone searches for Mihika. Pradeep drives the car fast and keeps Mihika in the car while Mayank keeps her in it.

Divya says she may have gone home. Everyone returns and says they didn’t find her. Dida asks where she could go? Akshay says she’s not in the farm house. Pradeep asks Mayank what he will do now. Mayank says he doesn’t know and tells Pradeep Mihika loves Ranbir now, and asks what is in him? Pradeep says nothing. Mayank says Ranbir is her husband.

Pradeep asks where to take her, to your house? Mayank says my parents and wife are there, and he asks him to take them to his (Pradeep’s) house. Everyone is still searching for Mihika. Ranbir asks Akshay to get in touch with Mihika’s friend. A waiter arrives. When his phone rings, he takes it out of his pocket, and Mihika’s necklace falls out.

He says it’s Mihika’s necklace. Akshay asks the waiter where he got it. The waiter says he doesn’t know how he got it. Ranbir asks him to tell otherwise they’ll take him to the police station. The waiter says two men were taking the girl outside, and Ranbir scolds him for not informing them earlier.

Divya explains that Mihika was not under the influence of alcohol; rather, she was in a conscious state. Akshay then asks the waiter for any information on their whereabouts. Ranbir suspects that someone may have spiked Mihika’s drink and abducted her. Manpreet believes that she has been kidnapped. Vishaka mentions that two individuals were involved in the kidnapping. Abhay questions their motive behind the act. Divya suggests that it could be for monetary reasons. Ranbir suggests taking the waiter to the police station where he may reveal more information. Pallavi speculates that Rhea might be responsible for this situation. Prachi follows Akshay and Ranbir as they leave, and Ashok promises to call the police for help.

Until now, there has been no confirmation of Mihika’s kidnapping, according to Rhea. Prachi comes to Rhea’s house and asks where is Mihika? Prachi gets inside calling Mihika. Rhea closes the door. Shahana knocks at Rhea’s door and asks her to open it.

Rhea asks what the hell you are doing here? Prachi asks where is Mihika? She asks Rhea, do you think my lavish house is PS? Prachi asks her to tell me where Mihika is. She takes Rhea’s call and says she is checking your call log. She says let me make it easy for you, and says she hasn’t gotten a call yet. She says my lovely sister has become clever.

Prachi snatches the phone from Rhea’s hand. She finds that no call had been made. She raises her hand to slap her, but Rhea holds it.

At the PS, Vishaka informs the group that Mihika has been kidnapped prior to her engagement with Ranbir. The Inspector suggests she may have left on her own accord after planning it out. Akshay and Ranbir defend Mihika, stating she is not the type to do something like that. The Inspector inquires if she had a previous boyfriend. Ranbir confirms this but explains he got married and ended their relationship. The Inspector theorizes that Mihika may have left for her old flame instead. However, Ranbir insists that Mihika wouldn’t do such a thing and suspects she was taken by two men, reminding the Inspector about the statement given by the waiter.

It is Rhea who tells Prachi that she is her sister, not Mihika. She says she has been kidnapped by her men, and that her engagement with my Ranbir won’t happen. Prachi asks what you’ll gain by doing this? Rhea says Mihika won’t be engaged to Ranbir today. Prachi asks what will happen tomorrow. How did you let Mihika get closer to Ranbir? She says Ranbir stood between us.

Prachi says Ranbir liked me, you and Mihika. Rhea blames her. Prachi says you have always blamed me, and says you did not love Ranbir. Rhea says you love Ranbir always, and even now. Prachi says this is not love, but possessiveness and obsession. If you loved him, you wouldn’t have talked this way. It is impossible to force someone to love you, so you must free him. Once he returns to you, he becomes yours.

She says I cannot think that way, and asks her to wake up. She says if we let someone slip from our hands, that person becomes someone else. She says I won’t be silent. Prachi says you don’t understand and asks her to tell her where Mihika is, otherwise she will call the police. You are my sister, Rhea says, and then you burnt my happiness always, and she asks her to leave her alone.

Prachi says she’s calling the police. Rhea says my goon has not called me yet and that if he doesn’t hear my voice, then he will make Mihika’s pieces. Prachi says she’s calling the police and can’t wait any longer. Rhea hits the vase on her head and then tries to suffocate her neck with her hands, and asks her to die.

He asks Prachi if she is okay, and if she wants to come to the doctor. Prachi feels short of breath. Ranbir rescues Prachi and pushes Rhea. Rhea tells Ranbir that he thinks Prachi was trying to kill her, and asks if you are mad. Prachi says don’t say this. You like your sister a lot, so stay with her, says Ranbir.

His anger rises and he turns to leave. Prachi asks him to listen. Rhea takes the gun and says she always said Ranbir is hers, and says if he cannot be mine, then he can’t belong to anyone else. She is about to shoot Ranbir. Prachi runs to Rhea and presses Rhea so that the bullet hits somewhere else. She shouts, asking Ranbir to leave. He says he will not go alone, and he takes Prachi with him. He closes the door. Rhe gets angry.

Despite the fact that everyone doesn’t know Rhea, Palavi tells everyone that she can go to any length to get Ranbir. Prachi asks Ranbir to sit in the car. She asks Shahana who called Ranbir here? Rhea threatens to shoot herself if he leaves. Ranbir tells her she loves herself so much that she cannot kill herself. She thinks he will stop.

Rhea doesn’t shoot herself. Ranbir says he knows you love yourself a lot. He gets in the car and drives off. Prachi tells Ranbir Rhea has hired a goon to kidnap Mihika. Rhea says she will avenge herself.


Rhea tells Mayank that she wants Mihika dead. Pallavi tells them that they should cancel this engagement once they find Mihika. Akshay tells them Mihika has sent them Pradeep’s house address. Ranbir says Mayank kidnapped her.

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