Teri Meri Doriyaan 6th August 2023 Written Update


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Inder asks Sahiba if she recalls Manveer’s conditions that he must not disclose his identity as Simran’s father or have any contact with her. He worries about how Simran will react when she discovers the truth. Sahiba believes Simran will view her father as a coward attempting to escape. Inder asserts that he is not a coward and if he truly cares for Simran, he should not consider running away, but rather allow her to live a respectable life with their family. By leaving, he would hurt both Manveer and Angad with his actions. In the end, Inder agrees to stay behind.

After returning to her room, Sahiba sees Angad feeding Simran water. She tells him that she would like to speak with him. Angad asks if it is about Simran. Sahiba asks why Simran cannot be known by Inder and why she cannot stay with them. In light of the current situation at home and Manveer’s condition, Angad says he doesn’t want to discuss it.

Angad says he already took wrong steps. Sahiba asks if Inder doesn’t think Simran deserves her father’s love, but fears he may take a wrong step in frustration. Sahiba informs him of Inder’s decision to leave Ludhiana with Simran, and she convinces him to drop his plan. Angad says he should let him go if he wants, it may bring peace into Manveer’s life.

Next morning, Japjyoth and Gurleen get ready and walk to living room. They are surprised to see the decoration. Jasleen makes party arrangements to welcome Kiara. Japjyoth asks Jasleen why she didn’t let her know Kiara was coming. After Kiara left for London, Jasleen feels her family has not forgiven her yet; she wants to celebrate daughter’s day with Kiara.

She wishes Kiara happy daughter’s day and says everyone makes mistakes, but it does not mean Kiara is not a daughter of this house. She wishes happy daughter’s day to other females. Sahiba walks in and is surprised to know that Kiara is coming. Jasleen encourages her to enjoy the decorations now, since she doesn’t want her to stay here when Kiara arrives. Sahiba asks why she cannot welcome Kiara.

Jasleen says she doesn’t want Simran around when Kiara comes here. Sahiba asks what Simran did wrong. Jasleen says she doesn’t know all that and doesn’t want the celebration ruined because of Simran. Since Jasleen is also a Brar, Sahiba says she has no right to complain about Simran.

Jasleen says when Inder himself refused to give Simran his name, then Sahiba shouldn’t bother either. Simran walks to Inder and feels excited seeing the arrangements. When she asks who Kiara is, Inder responds that she is Jasleen’s daughter, her older cousin. Jasleen warns Simran not to attend the party because only Brars are allowed. Simran asks why she cannot. Jasleen tells her not to argue and to leave. Sahiba takes Simran to the kitchen to prepare cup cake.

As Kiara enters the room, she is warmly welcomed by Jasleen and her entire family. Kiara inquires about Sahiba, but Jasleen encourages her to let go of the past. However, Kiara insists that she cannot forget what Sahiba did to her and heads to the kitchen to meet her. Much to her delight, Sahiba greets her with a hug and open arms. Kiara expresses her desire to start anew with Sahiba’s help and expresses gratitude for her support. Just then, Simran enters and greets Kiara, who asks about her identity. Sahiba hesitates to introduce Simran, while Simran invites Kiara to a party. Despite Sahiba’s attempt to keep Kiara occupied in cooking, she still agrees to attend the party at Simran’s invitation.


Upon finding Simran missing, Sahiba asks if a family member has taken her away.


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