Garry walks into Sahiba’s room. Sahiba asks how he dares to enter her room without permission. Garry asks what she will do. Sahiba says she will call Angad. Garry sits on the sofa and says he thought she was intelligent, but she is dumber than Seerat.

It is his belief that she tried to expose him, and she will be punished for it. He accepts his crimes that he misused Seerat for his benefit and threw her out like a fly in a tea, but he will soon kicks her out of the house to prove he is the real contender for the Brar empire instead of Angad.

Garry says Angad trusts his brothers better than her. Sahiba says she didn’t know he could stoop so low, he wants to betray Angad who can sacrifice even his life for his brothers, she will reveal his heinous plan to Angad. Sahiba gives him a tight slap. Angad enters and shouts how dare she slap his brother? Garry says she can’t hurt him at all. Sahiba slaps him again.

Keerat walks down the street wearing a traditional girl’s outfit fuming at Santosh for challenging her to get Seerat married within 72 hours. Boys taunt her that she is wearing girl’s clothes today. As Keerat walks towards them to confront them, Veer walks up to her. Keerat asks him what he is doing here. Veer says Sahiba sent Seerat a letter. Keerat asks Kulcha to give the letter to Seerat and confronts the eve-teasing boys.

Seerat’s haldi ceremony is performed by Santosh. Taiji informs her that the sweets were left outside by the confectioner. Santosh goes to pick up the sweets. Kulcha gives Seerat the letter. Seerat attempts to enter her room. They discuss that they came here to see if Santosh can keep her promise and get Seerat married within 72 hours as promised. Santosh returns and confronts them.

Sahiba asks Angad if he couldn’t see Garry misbehaving with her. Angad refuses to believe her. Sahiba asks him to ask Garry why his brother came here. He says Sahiba called him here and warned him about Mongas, who are both wicked and characterless. Sahiba tries to slap him again. Angad holds her hand and shouts at her.

Garry continues arguing blindly trusting Sahiba, saying he is doing a big mistake by trusting a cheap, swine-like brother who has betrayed him since childhood. Angad continues his argument blindly trusting Garry.

Sahiba and Angad are asked by Gurleen if they are not ready for Garry’s engagement yet. Angad says they will soon. Gurleen leaves. Sahiba refuses to attend the function. Angad insists. Sahiba challenges the ceremony to expose Garry. She hopes Seerat reads her letter and trusts her.

Veer informs Sahiba that Seerat cannot come as she is getting married today. Sahiba calls Keerat and asks her to bring Seerat here at any cost. Angad walks up to her and shows her watch.

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