Teri Meri Doriyaan 28th April 2023 Written Update


Teri Meri Doriyaan 28th April 2023 written update

Sahiba shows Angad Garrry and Seerat’s argument. Angad is shocked to see it. Sahiba says that Garry is the one who forced Seerat to flee. Angad walks towards Garry. Sahiba stops him. Garry asks Seerat to leave him. Seerat says they will go to the Gurdwara and his family to tell them that they want to get married. Sahiba asks Angad if he has proof now.

In spite of Garry’s requests, Seerat insists that he inform his family about them and marry her. Garry asks him to leave immediately if she wants to marry him. Angad walks to them. Garry is shocked to see him. Angad and Sahiba are told about them by Seerat. Garry asks Seerat to leave. Seerat leaves. Sahiba follows.

Garry tries to leave, telling Angad that Seerat lied, but Angad stops him and confronts him for manipulating Seerat and eloping with him. Garry says Sahiba is manipulating him. As Angad continues to vent out his frustration, Garry repeatedly attempts to speak. Angad stops him and finally gives him a tight slap. Sahiba is right that dear ones betray them first.

Sahiba tells Angad that Garry is a habitual liar and backstabber. She is sure he wouldn’t have lied and backstabbed Angad for the first time. Police promise to punish the goons royally and drive the jeep away. Girls thank Keerat for getting the goons arrested. The people say that all men are the same. But Keerat says that all men are not the same, just as there are good men too. Veer lost himself in thought as he stared at Seerat’s face.

Veer continues to flirt with her, even though Seerat alerts him that she is not an eighth wonder of the world. Akaal tongue lashings Jasleen at Brar mansion for always speaking negatively and asks what’s wrong if Angad spends time with Sahiba; as a husband, he has the right to be with his wife. Jasleen should stop speaking negatively. Despite her desire to control her son, Jasleen says he should tell Manveer this.

She boasts that at least her children are under her control and she knows where they are, however, Manveer does not know that Angad is in a gurdwara with Sahiba, and Pam can confirm it for her. Angad’s driver is called by Manveer, and Angad stands fuming as he hears that Angad has gone to a gurdwara.

Garry takes an oath before God and tells Angad that Sahiba is lying. Sahiba asks him to stop manipulating Angad and asks Angad to take a stand. Angad says he took a stand.

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