Teri Meri Doriyaan 13th April 2023 Written Update


Sahiba asks the driver of the auto to speed up towards the old bridge. Angad follows her. Sahiba searches for Seerat near the old bridge. Angad wonders what Sahiba is doing. Seerat stands at the bridge end, remembering Garry’s betrayal. Sahiba notices her and runs towards her. She pulls Seerat away just as she tries to jump into the river.

Sahiba requests that Seerat calm down and let her speak to her. Seerat asks why she wants to talk when she has done so much harm to her. Angad watches them and wonders what they’re talking about. Seerat pushes Sahiba away and jumps into the river. Sahiba shouts Seerat’s name and jumps behind her. As soon as Agad noticed this, he jumped behind Sahiba to save them both. Sahiba reaches Seerat and tries to pull her up. Angad joins her and they pull Seerat up. They rescue her from the river.

Angad asks Sahiba to stop acting dramatic as they have to take Seerat to the hospital. He gets Seerat into the car. Sahiba sits beside Seerat and pleads with her to open her eyes while Angad drives the car. The doctor takes Seerat on a stretcher and asks them to wait outside. Sahiba recalls slapping Seerat and saying she shouldn’t have let Seerat alone.

Sahiba replies that she wanted to inform him, but before that, Angad started fighting with her and asked why she reached home late.

Sahiba warns him to stop cooking up stories, so Angad asks her to stop her drama, believing she must have provoked Seerat to commit suicide. Their argument continues. Angad believes Seerat must have returned home and Sahiba forced her to commit suicide by hiding her. Ajith, Santosh, and Keerat rush to the hospital after Sahiba tells them about Seerat’s suicide attempt. Sahiba asks Ajith and Santosh why he threw Seerat out of the house, and Keerat explains what happened.

Sahiba asks how they can do this when Seerat returned home to her dear ones. She asserts they all did wrong by forcing Seerat to attempt suicide; if she and Angad hadn’t come to her rescue, they would have lost her. When Mansi asks Angad about Seerat’s suicide attempt, Angad informs her that Ajith has not forgiven himself. Ajith nods no. Santosh feels drowsy and collapses. Ajith and Sahiba hold her and help her rest.

In the hospital, Garry asks Angad to go home and let him stay there. Angad refuses and goes to talk to Seerat instead. Garry becomes tense.

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