Teri Meri Doriyaan 12th April 2023 Written Update


When Garry refuses to marry her, Seerat panics and hugs him tightly, asking him to accept that she loves him and wants to marry him. Garry pushes her away, saying he doesn’t love her and won’t marry her. In response, Seerat asks what he means. She was humiliated by Garry when he said he was going to become Brar empire’s king and didn’t even look at a poor and beggar girl like her, when she lied to him that she came from a rich family, her sister married Angad and she eloped instead.

Seerat asks if he lied about Sahiba sending spies behind her if he disowns her. He pushes her away and asks her to go to hell. Sahiba was worried about her and filed her missing complaint, and Garry accepts that what he said against her was false, throws money at her as compensation, and walks away.

The Sahiba gets concerned about Seerat and calls Keerat. Keerat informs Ajith that Sahiba wants to inquire about Seerat. Ajith tells Keerat they can’t accept him back home, so he lets the phone ring. Garry drives the car feeling happy that he got rid of Seerat. Sahiba gets more worried for Seerat when even he doesn’t pick up the phone. Seerat realizes her mistake by believing Garry.

Seeing police trash a boy who betrayed a girl at a signal, he thinks what if Seerat files a complaint against him? Garry pulls her away just before a phone call crushes her and says he was just joking. Seerat believes that she correctly blamed everyone for her problems. She walks on the road foolishly. Bikers scold her.

Garry says he told her everything was true, so she is suffering for her foolishness. Seerat says there is nothing left to talk about after he threw money on her, and she knows he came here fearing she would file a police complaint against him, but he did not worry because she won’t. Seerat says we should go to a hotel and talk after we have freshened up.

Garry asks her if she is sure she won’t reveal anything about him. She says no because she won’t be alive, and walks away. People refuse to let her use their mobiles. Seerat finally gets someone’s mobile and calls Sahiba. Sahiba picks up. Seerat says it’s her. Sahiba asks if she is fine.

As Sahiba asks where she is, Seerat apologizes for misunderstanding her and knows she filed the missing complaint. As a result of her, she had to marry a rich man and become his showpiece wife; she won’t bother anyone again because of her. It is Sahiba who asks her not to frighten her and asks what she is going to do. Seerat says she is going to commit suicide. Sahiba asks her not to talk nonsense, she will come wherever she is.

A lady offers Seerat money. She refuses, saying she doesn’t need money and walks irrationally. Seerat disconnects the call and returns the phone to the lady.

When Anagad hears her talking to Seerat, he follows her. In an auto, Sahiba calls the woman and asks her where Seerat is. The lady says that she went towards an old bridge. Sahiba asks the driver to rush towards the old bridge. As Seerat walks on the old bridge, she recalls being kicked out of her home by her parents and apologizes for making them feel ashamed.

As Sahiba tries to convince Seerat that nothing has gone wrong, Seerat pushes her away and jumps into the river. Angad is shocked.

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