Teri Meri Doriyaan 25th January 2023 Written Episode Update


Garry continues to enchant Seerat while driving her home. She is filled with joy knowing both Angad and Garry are captivated by her. When she indicates where she needs to be dropped off, pointing out someone’s mansion, Garry stops his car. Gratefully, she thanks him as he flirts before departing. Seerat feels overjoyed and Santosh steps in when Kulwinder and Nimmo criticize her harshly. Ajit quickly intervenes to prevent their fight from escalating. Santosh declares that they have no right to speak ill of Seerat; they respond by saying it would impossible for the Brars to accept her even as a maid, let alone marry their son to her. In response, Santosh defies them and claims that she will get Seerat married into the Brar family or stay in the Himalayas for the remainder of her life. Kul and Nimmo laugh, thinking she has gone mad.

Seerat came in and said that people should strive toward big dreams if they want larger accomplishments. Santosh then told her to ignore them and explain what transpired at the Brar’s home. Apparently, the family was especially fond of her and wished for Ajit, Santosh and Seerat to come again tomorrow to discuss the possibility of an alliance between Seerat and Angad. This news made Santosh jump joyfully as he insulted Kul and Nimmo. On the other hand, Veer was extremely worried as he saw his son getting agitated, wishing that there won’t be any trouble. Sahiba was shocked by the sight of sindoor in her hairline while Veer approached her – but Keerat stopped him. Then Angad started belittling Sahiba with talk about his riches; he also accused her of ruining his costly sherwani earlier and attempting to kill him. To which she gave a fitting reply making their argument linger on.

Veer requests Angad to stop, as god has already endured enough drama. He then tries talking to Sahiba, who tells him to stay away from his arrogant brother and urges him to use his senses. Keerat intervenes, warning Veer to abandon her. Sahiba then requests Keerat to clear her sindoor, who replies that it won’t be easy. Meanwhile, Kul and Nimmo try their best at home to make Santosh wise up and understand the situation; however, she shooed them out. Seerat pledges that she will get ready tomorrow for meeting Brar’s. Ajit refuses, saying he won’t face humiliation again and wants to protect his daughter from such embarrassment as well. Santosh attempts to convince her dad with her harsh remarks and emotional manipulation. Additionally, Seerat continues trying by pointing out all he has done for her until now.

Sahiba is asked by Santosh why she applied red color to her hairline during Lohri celebrations. Sahiba says Sindhoor fell on her hairline during Lohri celebrations. Seerat says they are talking about Angad and her alliance, but Sahiba got an indoor instead. Sahiba asks Angad if he has agreed to marry her. Seerat says yes. Angad calls Seerat. Sahiba picks up.

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