Pandya Store 8th August 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 8th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode opens with Suman overhearing a conversation between Pranali and Hetal. Memories of her family flood her mind. Chirag then explains his marriage to Dolly. As Suman listens to him, memories of Raavi resurface. She reaches out to hold Chirag’s face and he asks if she understands his predicament. Suman affirms their emotions are the same and that they are both connected to Pandya store. Dhawal confesses to buying the items he broke in the store, revealing it was all a part of their plan and apologizing for any unintended hurt caused. Suman can’t help but burst into laughter. Amba suggests talking to them once they come home to find out what’s going on. Natasha complains about how much they have troubled her, but Suman reminds them that conscience is more important than money and that Pandya store holds a special place in their hearts as it has raised them. She declares that they will never sell it and even offers to give Natasha the store as dowry when she gets married. Finally, she requests everyone to leave.

Dawal and his family leave. Harish says other people may also step back after Natasha refused. Amrish says I know how to convince them. Harish says they want 50% more shop. Amrish thinks to lie. He asks what’s going on. Natasha’s ready to sell the store, Suman isn’t. Suman says she likes that family because they have so much drama every day.

I didn’t forget, Natasha says they’re mad. I didn’t forget, if you do such a drama again, you’ll hate it, I won’t marry by lying, that’s what you’re doing wrong. She looks at her Bahus. She starts the drama. Pranali says you just ask Dhawal, he will explain everything, and we will go and make food. She asks Hetal to cook. She says I’ll cut the vegetables and help you. She says don’t worry, I’ll do everything. Hetal says don’t worry, I’ll do everything for you.

In response to Natasha’s question, Suman says nobody thinks about kidneys when in love, so I will tell him later, and you keep drinking water. The librarian locks the door and leaves. Natasha is in college. Dhawal gets Amrish’s call. He goes to the library. He sees Natasha. He says he had to come here for you. Natasha says I won’t sell my store for you. You should blame yourself. They try to run out, but find the door locked and shout.


Natasha and her Dadi refused, Suman said Natasha’s husband will get Pandya store. Amrish was shocked.


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