Pandya Store 4th May 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 4th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update

During the episode, Shivank arrives at the temple. Dhara says she doesn’t know your son, so I’ll call the police. Anurag’s father scolds her and asks about Anurag. She replies, “I don’t know.” The lady says we’ll take her along. Dhara insists I didn’t do anything. They leave from there. Prerna rushes over to Shivank and exclaims, “Krish… Pandit has invited them to the wedding as the first guests.” Rimjhim’s concern deepens.

Dhara hasn’t shown up yet, Gautam says. Dhara is tied up. She asks how to tell her family that Krish and Prerna are getting married in the temple. Rimjhim runs away from the mandap. Shweta looks at them. Suman says she will come. In her phone, Dhara calls Raavi. Raavi is changing. Rishita answers. Dhara says listen to me. Rishita asks what to say. Shweta will do something about Krish and Prerna’s marriage, according to Dhara.

The lady snatches Dhara’s phone and breaks it. Dhara says please leave me. Rishita says we’ll stop Shweta. Ruchi brings the bride to the mandap.

Pandit asks Suman to read mantras quickly and begin the rounds. Prerna gets married to Shivank. Shweta takes the wedding rounds with Krish. Raavi asks Krish to hurry and take the wedding rounds. Shiva tells Krish to walk slowly, Suman says fast, Krish. Dhara tries to free herself. Shiva says it’s wrong, I’m not married. Dev tells her that you’re married as well.

Prerna sees the pregnancy test and thanks God. She says our baby is witnessing the best moment of our lives. Dhara checks her phone. Krish’s wedding is completed. Dhara runs from the house. Anurag and Kajal also get married. Dhara rushes to the temple. Shivank fills Prerna’s maang with Sindoor.

When the pandit announces their marriage, Dhara rushes to the temple to see Krish and Prerna. Prerna says that her baby witnessed the wedding and that we are pregnant. Shivank leaves her hands. He lifts his sehra. He is shocked to see Prerna. Dhara comes and is stunned to see Shivank. Prerna says Shivank…. Shivank says you here. Prerna gets back. They see Dhara. He thinks Prerna is pregnant with Krish’s child.


The bride’s ghunghat is lifted by Dhara. Everyone is shocked.


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