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Pandya Store

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Gautam, Dhara smiles as Suman says they’re fine seeing the family. He smiles. Gautam says Hardik has been with me ever since our dad died. Shweta calls Dhara and asks if Chiku is okay. She says yes, my friend is getting me a job in Dubai. Chiku gets aggressive once he learns about this. Chiku refuses to speak.

They will attend Hardik’s wedding in Ahmedabad, so Dhara asks her to bring Chiku there. She says he is sensitive, never stayed alone, get him there. Shweta says okay, thanks. She says Chiku, we’ll go to the doctor, you’re hurt. Dhara says Chiku is angry, he’s breaking things. Natasha says Chiku just called and I’ll go now. Everyone leaves.

Natasha says okay, I’ll keep this in my special box until I turn 18. Gautam says this is for you, don’t open it until you turn 18, don’t tell your parents about it, and keep it safe. Dhara says you did right. She hugs Gautam. Dev is sad. Rishita wants him to discuss the leaves at work. As he says, “I do not want to do this job, I am ashamed, we are doing it for our kids, Dhara and Gautam did it for us, so do we have no responsibilities towards them?”

Rishita mentions the time it took to raise you, while we are currently raising our own children. Despite this, we are moving forward. Dev acknowledges that they know what they left behind and their priority was securing Natasha’s well-being. As Raavi and Shiva are shown the store by the man, she spots Pandya store and asks him to take a look as well. The man then inquires if he should seal the deal. However, Shiva reprimands him, stating that they have decided to cancel the deal. Krish expresses his disapproval of dividing the house and returning to Canada. He feels compelled to do something for his family and cannot leave them in such a state. His plan is to return them the roof that was taken away from them by coming up with a solution.

As Devi says, Dhara and Gautam named their lives to us, because they did not have children to raise Shiva, Krish and me, so what did we do? We divided the house. As Rishita hugs him, she says, “I just wanted Natasha’s security, don’t make me fall in your sight, is it wrong to ask for our daughter’s safety?” Shiva gets angry. Raavi says leave him. The man says everyone has to earn, you have a competition with your brother.

Shiva tells the man to leave, stating that he will not be opening a store in that location. Krish then reminds Shiva that they already have everything they need in Canada and wonders what they will do with their share. He also expresses concern about hurting Gautam, and mentions wanting to provide a home for Suman, Gautam, and Dhara. Dev questions if they have thought about what will happen if their children leave them for the sake of their own families. Dev explains that as parents, it is their responsibility to take care of their children and grandchildren. He also mentions working at the store with Gautam. In response, Shiva points out that Krish wanted the division and now has his share, but Shiva cannot stay away from Gautam and the Pandya store. Prerna ultimately agrees with Krish’s decision.

Upon returning from marriage, Krishna says we will buy a house for them, then leave for Canada. Dev says we didn’t take the store to great success, we had divided the house, so I couldn’t do my duty. Rishita hugs Dev and says keep it up, I’m with you, we’ll stand up for Gautam and Dhara. After Shiva’s father passed away, Gautam handled the house so well, so I took my share and left, and I decided to work at Pandya Store; I will make sure Mittu and you have the best life.

Raavi tearfully reassures, “I trust you, but I do worry for Mittu’s future. Please know that I am always on your side.” Grateful, he embraces her tightly. Meanwhile, Gautam has brought gifts for everyone to celebrate his best friend Hardik’s wedding. Dhara expresses her concerns about the many responsibilities involved in a marriage. Curious, Gautam asks why she is bringing this up now. Comfortingly, she hugs him and reveals how things have changed over time. But he disagrees and reminds her of how they have not wavered in their love and care for their loved ones. As proof of this, he unveils the presents he bought for each family member. Dhara smiles and agrees that their emotions will always remain constant towards them, even as times change. Gautam adds that his real joy comes from seeing them happy. Dhara shares that after a long while, they finally have a reason to be united as a family again. However, she can’t help but feel sad about Chiku’s absence.

Chiku exclaims “Maa!” to which Shweta inquires about the matter. Chiku then reveals that his biological mother is Dhara, not Shweta. Understanding the difficulty of adjusting to a new family, the doctor acknowledges and promises to prescribe medication for him. Dhara expresses her gratitude towards Chiku for being her only support and wanting a big, happy family. She fears that he may not be able to stay close to them anymore as he is heading to Dubai. Shweta apologizes and assures that she will not force him to come with them or attend Hardik’s wedding in Ahmedabad. However, she suggests that he can join them there and spend time with Dhara and their family if he wishes. She understands that it may be difficult for him to adjust in Dubai. With uncertainty looming over their future meetings, Dhara expresses her doubts about being able to see Chiku again.


As Gautam tells us, Arushi and Shivank will come to take revenge on us. Arushi and Shivank prepare poisonous water. Dev, Krish, and Shiva promise we won’t let them succeed.

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