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Barsatein 9th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dubey is asked to give a statement about leaking the video in the office by Kadambari in the beginning of the episode. Reyansh says you have to apologize. She threatens Dubey and sends him. Reyansh gets Dubey into the office and asks the men to record. He asks did you get the chip from Sunaina’s drawer. Dubey remembers taking it. You have insulted her, her parents and friends have seen that video, and Dubey says she cheated you.

Vikram stops Reyansh. He scolds him. He says Aradhana and my personal matter, I will kill you. Reyansh says Dubey leaked the video. Vikram says Dubey, police have come, give me a statement, or I will hang you. Reyansh needs to be with me. Mayank shows him and says he creates confusion, he will tell the truth, Mayank lied to you, Aradhana didn’t go to meet him at the hotel, he was blackmailing Krishnan’s sister Revati, Aradhana went there to get Revati’s pictures.

Reyansh says Aradhana was with him, Vikram says she didn’t do anything, Mayank will now give the statement live. Mayank goes live on the news channel and accepts his crime. Vikram says he can change his statement, and we will record it live. He says Mayank lied to you. I had her pictures, I threatened her not to break up with me, or I would show the pictures and videos, and I called her to the hotel room, but she didn’t come.

As Aradhana came to take the pictures, she asked me to destroy them; Aradhana explained to me, I gave her the pics, I deleted the pictures from my phone too, I have nothing. He gets sad. He remembers insulting Aradhana. He thinks I don’t deserve love because Aradhana loved you and I insulted her. In Aradhana, Pooja says Vikram told Reyansh the truth, the misunderstanding is resolved, come to the office and make Reyansh apologize.

Jagruti overheard mum and dad talking, as she recalls Bhakti and Harsh discussing Aradhana and her mother. She heads to the room and retrieves the envelope, which she then passes to Aradhana for inspection. Viren, Malini’s spouse, remarks on how marvelous their family is during a party. Malini agrees, while Aradhana wonders about the sender’s identity – Mimmi – whose full name and address were not included in the letter. Proudly, Malini states that her daughters will always turn to her first. Pooja then asks Jagruti to look into the matter.

Upon finding some information, Jagruti says you will be reunited with your real mother. Mayank tells Aradhana not to worry. Mayank says Aradhana came to me, Vikram and his team entered my house and threatened me. Bhakti comes and says I lied to you, your father is angry, and I feel weak. Reyansh gets angry, saying I had a relationship with Revati, what was Aradhana doing with me, she was dying to meet me. You called, she lied to you.

Aradhana says I’m not yours. Bhakti says you’re mine. Aradhana says dad will never forgive me. If she really loves me, then why doesn’t she come here, why is she hiding from you, she doesn’t want to face you, I explained her, she is a good choice for you, sorry bro, it’s tough for me, girls like Aradhana can go to any extent, she’s sending me to jail. Go to your dad, Aradhana says he will be sad.

She says Mimmi was my friend, we used to study together, she was beautiful like you, she had a lot of courage, one day, she got you suddenly and forced me to swear not to tell you that you are not mine, I believed I was your mother. Inspector asks Mayank to come. Vikram asks Mayank to get lost. Mayank is taken away. Mayank asks Reyansh to think about it. Vikram asks what did he tell you, will you come? Reyansh leaves.

According to Bhakti, Mimmi wrote letters and asked about you, so I replied, but Harsh made me promise not to write her a letter. Aradhana sees the letters and Malini looks at Aradhana’s belongings and picture. Bhakti says I had sent your picture to her, then I didn’t write a letter to her. Aradhana cries. Bhakti says you’ll always be mine, I can’t become your mother. She hugs Aradhana and they both cry.


Aradhana says I’m leaving. Reyansh goes to Aradhana and says I need to know the truth. She asks him never to show his face again.

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