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Pandya Store

Pandya Store 5th May 2023 Written Episode Update on

During the episode, Shivank asks where Rimjhim is. Krish asks where Prerna is. He says something has gone wrong, he thought she was Rimjhim. Prerna asks Dhara… Dhara says I felt the same, Prerna… She runs to the resort. Shweta shouts, “Stop! There’s no way this marriage can happen.” She runs and lifts the veil of the bride. Everyone is shocked to see her. She remembers going to Rimjhim and taking her place. Dhara slaps Shweta.

Prerna and Shivank arrive at a sprint, prompting Gautam to query whether they were wed. This leads Prerna to swoon in Krish’s arms while Shweta bursts into laughter, announcing herself as ‘Shweta Pandya’. Infuriated, Dhara demands an explanation from Shivank, accusing him of betraying them for failing to keep watch over Shweta. She continues to berate him for his dishonourable conduct, informing him there is no chance of getting Prerna back now that he has become Shweta’s pawn. Shivank pleads ignorance of the situation, only to be met with a slap from Suman.

Shivank initiates the drama, asserting, “I stand apart from Shweta. My heart belongs to Rimjhim completely. Dhara is merely attempting to put the blame on me, and you’re the root of all this chaos.” She gets angry. He says that you told me I was getting married in the temple, but before I could ask anything, you left. She says I went to tell Krish in his room. Shivank acts. Dhara tells him not to act. He lies so much about taking Krish’s name or seeing my face, I reached the temple, and I didn’t know that you would do it.

She asks Shivank what he was doing in Krish’s room. Shivank responds that he asked Krish if I could use the washroom in his room. Krish agrees with him. He asks when everything was set here, why did you keep the marriage at the temple, if you doubted Shweta, why didn’t you tell us, see what happened because of you, everything ruined. Prerna’s parents worry about her. Suman scolds Dhara. Rishita says Dhara called us. Shivank says you ruined my life. He asks Shweta about Rimjhim.

“Perhaps she has eloped with another person,” Shweta suggested. Suman reprimands Dhara, stating, “Shweta has outsmarted you; now you’re aiming to accuse Shivank.” Shiva says it was also our mistake, we did not check the bride and groom. Rishita says we couldn’t help it; we saw Krish, Ruchi got Shweta to the mandap. She says yes, I was stupid to not see her face, how did the other couple come? Dhara says I got that other couple. Everyone looks at her.


Shweta lies to Suman about Krish’s baby. Krish says Shweta won’t go there, I’ll go with Prerna if she leaves.

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