Pandya Store 26th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Amrish’s Plan and Natasha’s Struggles

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 26th November 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode begins with Amrish expressing his frustration with Natasha. He mentions that he struggles with the idea of deceitfulness, causing issues. Bansi agrees, stating they cannot afford to jeopardize their business because of a small store like Pandya’s. Amrish declares that he would choose family over business any day, even if it means starting from scratch. Bansi offers to take on the task himself if Amrish cannot handle it, reminding him that his money is also invested in the project. Amrish gives Bansi the freedom to do what he deems best since it is his investment. Bansi nods in agreement, and Amrish exits with a smile. Isha then distributes sweets to everyone, including Hetal, who questions Natasha’s whereabouts. Isha informs them that she has gone to see Suman, who isn’t feeling well, and shares that Natasha has landed a job offer. As Amba angrily throws down the box of sweets, Isha urges her to partake to celebrate Natasha’s success.

The mother-in-law reprimands her daughters, telling them Isha is not doing any work. She volunteers to clean up the mess and tidy their room and cupboard. However, one of the daughters-in-law, Hetal, insists on taking over and calming the situation by offering to decorate Isha’s cupboard. The mother-in-law questions Hetal’s intentions and believes she is being tricked by her sister-in-law, Natasha. Hetal denies this and assures her everything is fine. The mother-in-law remains suspicious and decides to take Isha with her to her room. However, Hetal suggests they clean up first before Natasha sees the fallen sweets and gets upset. Ultimately, the mother-in-law forbids Isha from helping her sisters-in-law and takes her to her room.

Isha tells Amba to calm down as she has already informed Natasha about Suman’s illness. Amba then mentions that Natasha and Dolly have changed the house ambience, praising Natasha’s cleverness and predicting that she will make a good maid. Soon, Dhawal and Natasha return home, and Hetal hides the fallen sweets. Amba then asks Isha to check if Natasha has returned, to which Isha agrees. Meanwhile, everyone congratulates Natasha, who thanks them and asks if they have tried the sweets. Hetal confirms that they have it, and Pranali adds that they also sweep the floor. Just then, Isha announces that Natasha is back, causing Amba to knock over a cupboard on herself accidentally. She starts screaming and pretending to be hurt while Isha calls for Dhawal’s help. He and others rush in to assist Amba.

She scolds Natasha. She says Natasha has a lot of work and doesn’t have time for my family. I will do my job. Dolly says this will happen daily, and the burden will come on us. Pranali says yes, visiting Maayka is a sin. Natasha explained that I was forced to leave in a rush after I found out about Suman. Amba acts. Dolly asks Bansi what happened. Bansi asks her to come home for a talk. Dolly says I can’t come because no one likes Bahus going to Maayka.

Amba made the cupboard fall over herself. Sorry, it’s tense. Natasha went to Maayka. She ends the call. Amrish hears this and says Maa did the right thing at an unfortunate time. Natasha says nothing major happened to Suman. Amba says it’s fine that my leg broke. She says I’ll do the work, I’ll apply the ointment, and I always carry it with me for Suman. Asha asks for water. Amba says no. Natasha apologizes. Amrish asks for explanations.

She complains about Natasha. Amrish says you could have told someone else. Hetal, why did you do this? Are you okay? Amrish says I will get better. Amrish asks everyone to return to their rooms. He asks Natasha to take a break. As we worry about you so much, Natasha has gone to Suman, knowing she isn’t feeling well. Amrish tells Dolly to meet her father.

She thinks the rules aren’t so strict. Amrish tells her she can live her life however she desires. He says if Natasha is not stopped, why would anyone stop you? Meet your parents. Dolly asks, are you sure? He says yes, but come soon. Natasha and Dolly smile. Pranali gets upset. Amrish tells everyone to rest. They all leave. Amba says you ruined my efforts.

We should keep quiet until Natasha falls in love with Dhawal; when Dhawal gains her trust, she will suffer, and you will understand. Amba smiles. She prays for him. Natasha says she feels like cooking something for him. Dhawal asks is everything fine, will you make food for me, She says everything is nice, you got permission for me for interview, and you took me to meet Suman. Dolly meets Bansi, who says I have some work to do.

She says I don’t want to get scolded like Natasha, I’ll listen to my Sasural and do their work, otherwise nothing, sorry. She leaves. Bansi asks how this will happen. Amrish believes Natasha will sign the papers, so the Pandya store will close. Bansi calls him. She says Dolly refused, what would Makhwana family do with their Bahus, she said she couldn’t upset them.

Amrish says we don’t do anything. Bansi says Dolly is innocent; we can’t tell her the truth, so we must try something else. We will tell the bahus that we will give the mall profits to them all. There will be paperwork, and we will keep the Pandya store records as well. Amrish says you are doing this for Dolly, I have no issue. He says Dhawal can make Natasha sign the papers in a hurry.


Amrish looks at Dhawal and Natasha and plans their date. He smiles, thinking to himself, “Dhawal, you did my job. Natasha did not even know. The Pandya store will be destroyed tomorrow.”

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