Jhanak 13th January 2024: Jhanak Faces Tejas’ Threats and Tough Decisions

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It starts with Lal asking all good? Anirudh says Kashmir’s photos. Tejas says the beautiful valleys and snowfall photos. As he approaches Jhanak, he says, “I’m here to take you along, so come with me, or I’ll make these pictures viral, and everyone will know everything.” He gives me his card and says if you don’t call me in 24 hours, everyone will see them.

Then Anjana asks him if he has tea. He said I’ll go now, but if you want to buy a shawl, you can call me. Jhanak has the number. He says remember that, 24 hours a day, Jhanak. She says I don’t have a phone. He says take someone else’s phone, you are very smart, I’ll get your permission, and I’ll bring Jhanak with me. Shubh says no problem, you’re Shrishti’s relative, you’re our guest. Tejas thanks him and leaves.

Jhanak is anxious as she awaits Anirudh’s arrival in her room. She expresses her concern about the situation after Tejas’ departure and reassures her that she does not need to worry, as he is there for her. Jhanak shares her fear of someone from her village helping Tejas and potentially escalating their problems. Anirudh assures her they will not hesitate to tell the truth if necessary. However, Jhanak feels it may be too late, as nobody would believe them. Anirudh reveals that he attempted to inform Arshi but did not get an opportunity. He also reiterates his belief that Tejas is incapable of causing harm and suggests going to the police for help instead.

She claims that Tejas has the pictures and they will soon be circulated, even Arshi will come to know. He mentions that Arshi suspects something as he wore a band on the video call, which Shrishti noticed and recognized. She inquires if Arshi has questioned him about it. He confirms and assures her not to worry about the upcoming event as he will handle everything. She clarifies that she is not concerned about others. He asks her what worries her then. She questions the point of him being aware of it when Tejas still has evidence against them. He reassures her that laws are in place to prevent Tejas from succeeding.

She expressed concern that he would not stop and that everything would soon end. She questions how to prevent things from falling apart and requests that he go to his office immediately. He inquires about her actions, to which she explains she is packing her bag. He reminds her of his effort to bring her there and admits he would feel terrible if she left. He insists they cannot afford to lose anything if Tejas comes home and urges her to join the fight. She wonders why he cares and says he wants her to be safe. She reminds him of his upcoming marriage with Arshi and advises him not to worry about anyone else, as Arshi disapproves of it. He confesses that one cannot control their thoughts and pleads for her support, assuring her that Tejas poses no threat. He leaves the room while she recognizes all the good he has done for her and vows to protect him from harm. Eventually, she heads towards Anjana’s location.

Anjana empathizes that you are feeling sorrow due to being away from your loved ones, particularly your husband. Although, it is essential to note that there is imminent danger present. To this, Jhanak requests her phone, which Anjana obligingly hands over. Jhanak expresses gratitude and exits. Tejas confidently declares his prior knowledge of her calling him, followed by a question about her intentions. In response, she firmly states her unwillingness to accompany him. He counters with a sombre warning of the consequences of refusing his offer – he will spread the news of Anirudh and her upcoming marriage, resulting in Shrishti and others insulting Anirudh. Wary of his plan, Jhanak asks what he wants from her to prevent this situation from occurring. In reply, he demands nothing less than complete possession of her as he does not like losing and is determined to make her his own.

He says you love me, you can do anything to save Anirudh; when you come, I’ll book the return ticket, and we’ll leave as soon as possible. She asks what happens if the ticket doesn’t go through. As soon as we go tomorrow, he says, just come to me, you have Sindoor in your maang, make me your husband tonight, and then I will legally make you my wife after we return from Kashmir. He threatens her. He tells her the name of the hotel. She says okay.


Chotan sees Jhanak at the bus stop. She says she’s going to meet a relative. Tejas wait for her. Anirudh is informed about Jhanak by Chotan.

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