Kavya 26th April 2024 Written Episode: Kavya’s Determination to Prove Adi’s Innocence


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Kavya begins the episode crying. Sanjeev calls her and informs her. Naina’s lawyer says not to worry about her statement; perhaps she is lying, you have seen everything in that room, think about it, if Naina’s statement is true, maybe you recall something we can use to prove Naina’s lies, do you believe Naina is telling the truth?

Her hand clasps Adi’s. She says Adi isn’t lying. She says everything was perfect, maybe that girl forgot something, but she remembered everything, every detail, just as she had planned. Giriraj says it’s true. Naina should not be talked to. She says I will meet Kishor, who has shown himself as a poor man. His shoes were new and expensive, I just learned he just got a big deposit in the account,

What Sanjeev told me yesterday, he is helping us. Anjali says I have vegetables, and you get the fruit. The people stare at him. Anjali asks why they are staring at us. Mayank fights with the guys. Rajeev and Anjali stop Mayank. Mayank shows the news. They worry. Malini asks did the reports get drugs, tell me. Anurag says no one gave me any drugs. Malini asks how he fainted, but this report is wrong.

Anurag informed us that I have been given a retest, and unfortunately, the results are still the same. Adi’s situation is becoming more complex. Malini inquires about the problem and asks for the truth. Adi swears that he is innocent and has done nothing wrong. Badi Amma suggests paying money to end this matter. Giriraj expresses his wish to believe in Adi’s innocence, to which Adi asks if he has any trust in him. Despite Giriraj’s doubts due to the evidence against Adi, he seeks reassurance. Adi mentions that Kavya believes in him, but Badi Amma dismisses her trust as an act to ensure his defeat in the elections. However, Giriraj has faith in Kavya’s discovery of a clue that could potentially turn the case in Adi’s favour during court proceedings. This concerns Badi Amma.

As Kishor meets Badi Amma, she sees them. Badi Amma asks him to cover his face and leave. Santu shouts at the thief and runs after him. Kishor leaves. Santu gets the jacket. Badi Amma lies on the bed and gets pricked by nails. When Kavya asks If the bed hurts, Badi Amma scolds her. Kavya says I’m helping you, and you’ll go to hell.

Seeing Badi Amma raise her hand, Kavya says I know you bribed Naina’s dad and blamed Adi. You defamed him. I will do anything I can for him. She goes and sees Santu with the jacket. Adi watches. Santu says I was trying to catch a thief, he ran away, and I think he’s Naina’s dad. Kavya says no, I saw that man, he was tall, I ran after him when Sanjeev’s accident occurred. Santu says he will pray for your innocence.

She says until I prove this, Adi will not believe me. I feel things are getting better, but he escapes me again. Adi cries. Kavya says I can’t bear his anger; my courage is breaking, so I must cry. She goes to meet her parents. She cries. Rajeev says Adi should be ashamed. Anjali says don’t say that. Kavya says you know Adi isn’t such a man. He’s helped you greatly. She receives a hug from Anjali as they watch the breaking news.

Giriraj says he will send Naina and her dad to jail for these fake messages. Kavya rushes home. The reporter informs Naina about Adi’s messages to Naina. Adi says it isn’t a fake message. Giriraj asks what. Adi says I sent these messages. Malini asks why. Adi says this isn’t the case; I sent these messages to help Naina convince her boyfriend. Giriraj scolds him and raises his hand. Kavya stops him and asks him to support Adi. She says I will fight the world and protect him.


The reporters asked Kavya who she would support. Kavya responds that she will support the truth.

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