Dabangii 29th November 2023: Arya’s Mysterious Past Unfolds

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The Episode starts with Bela saying I will take care of Arya. She talks to Baba. She asks Arya to eat slowly. Arya recalls Damini and shares her words. Now, she cannot feed me with her hands. Bela says I’m there, let me feed you. Arya nods. Bela feeds her the food. Baba and Ankush smile. Baba says this is the right place for Arya.

You’re right. Akush says everything will go smoothly now. Arya says the food was tasty. Bela asks her to change clothes. Zai gets angry and says it’s my clothes; don’t give it to her. Bela stops her. She says Arya is our guest and is here for a few days, so sharing is caring. Aai thinks so; this is the girl. Zai complains about Arya. Aai asks Bela what Zai is saying. She says kids don’t give their stuff to others, so who is this needy beggar? Baba laughs. Aai asks why I begged you, how I became a beggar, and who you are. Baba says to be careful. Arya wonders why her parents didn’t teach her anything.

Arya says don’t go on my parents. Bela says don’t talk to elders like this. Aai taunts Ankush. Ankush sends the kids inside. As a result of my work, Arya’s parents died, so I am responsible for caring for her. Dad taught me to share with others, so Zai should learn the same thing. He leaves.

As Aai arrives home, she reveals that Ankush accused Arya of being the daughter of a secret informant and claims that they both died because of him. She questions why he brought Arya into their home. Kasturi senses that something is not correct. Aai then expresses her disapproval of Bela for listening to Ankush’s words. Kasturi decides to talk to Satya and asks him to join her. Together, they discuss how it seems peculiar for an informant’s daughter to attend a prestigious boarding school like Arya did. They decide to call the principal and uncover any possible truths. Satya compliments Kasturi on her quick thinking, and she smiles in response. Finally, he makes the call to the school principal.

The principal apologizes. He says it’s okay, I have some work. I want to know more about Arya. She says Ankush got her for admission, what can we ask him. He says you already know about her parents. He says he told her she was an orphan. When I complained about Arya, Ankush became angry and said: how can you do that to my daughter?

She says he is possessive of her and doesn’t know if he said that in anger. He says fine, don’t tell anyone about this. She replies don’t worry. After thanking her, he ends the call. Satya says Ankush has always followed principles, he has an illegitimate child, I did not expect this from him, Ankush is gone. He smiles and says it’s breaking news, it should run on prime time, defame him, leave it to me.

Arya smiles when Ankush sees her playing. Bela arrives. He says I feel like I got rid of a significant burden. She says we are one team, so don’t worry about Zai; I’ll deal with her. Arya is a stranger to us, but she’s lovely. Ankush thinks about explaining to you that Arya is not an outsider. Satya and Kasturi enter their balcony and see Ankush telling Arya stories.

As Kasturi declares I’ll take revenge on Ankush, Zai locks herself in her room and argues. She asks them to remove Arya from the house. Arya thinks it’s such a big drama. Bela asks Zai to open the door. Ankush says Zai, listen to me. Baba says Zai is acting. Bela cries. Arya looks at Zai from the window and says he’s acting.

Zai is just acting, Baba says. Don’t worry, Bela says, Ankush. Bela says to open the door, Zai. Ankush says she’s my daughter. Satya asks Tanmay to attack, not defend. Aai makes fun of Tanmay. Kasturi thinks you will know the truth and have illegitimate grandchildren in your fate. Satya says your blood speaks for you. When Arya throws something at Zai and makes a snake noise, Zai gets scared and opens the door. She hugs Bela tightly.

Ankush asks where the snake is. Arya shows the dried stem of a plant. Ankush smiles. Arya becomes sad when she talks about Damini. She says I didn’t listen to my mum, she got angry and went with Bappa, I won’t go against her once she returns. Zai hurts Arya, but Bela and Ankush stop him. Aai tells Satya to go ask Ankush why he got Arya home. Satya sends Tanmay to play.

Jaanrao asks Satya to sign the papers. Aai says I’m asking something. Satya says to leave it. Aai thinks something’s fishy. She asks Kasturi what are you hiding? Please don’t lie to me. Kasturi says I’m cooking, you know everything. She leaves. Aai begins thinking.

The girls ask Arya to leave Zai. Ankush gets a bucket of water and pours it on both girls. He says he doesn’t want to hear any sound. Arya decides to teach Tanmay and Zai a lesson.


Zai says explain Zai, Arya is a guest, not Bela, why did Ankush bring Arya home from boarding school. Arya replies, “I’m brave like my father. He’s a policeman.” Bela is shocked.

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