Mehndi Wala Ghar 14th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Mauli’s Turmoil and Legal Challenges

Mehndi Wala Ghar

Mehndi Wala Ghar 14th March 2024 Written Episode Update on

Ajanta says she is in stress because she is unable to contact Manas. The episode opens with Mauli saying I will ask Manoj for a loan and return it to him. My patient called me to verify Manas and Aashna, and Aashna is using my name to get funding, telling me she is my daughter-in-law. Please explain to Manas why he should return to Mauli and leave Aashna.

Ajanta says Aashna and Manas are business partners, so if Mauli needs money, you will do the same for her. Manoj says Mauli is selfless, she can make it on her own, she never asked me for money. When they see Mauli, Manoj asks what’s going on. Mauli says I need to go to Mumbai for some imp work. Ajanta says, make sure I speak to Manas when you get there.

Janki inquires about the puja items with Jyoti. Jyoti assures her that everything is arranged. Curious about Manas’s arrival, Janki asks Ajanta, who confirms that he will be there before the puja since Mauli is heading to Mumbai and will accompany her. Intrigued by Janki’s questioning, Mauli clarifies that there’s no fight, she’s just attending important work. Janki agrees that they should join the puja the next day. Mauli ends the call abruptly. Rahul observes her distracted state as she accidentally drops a bowl on him. Apologizing, she offered to clean it up, but Rahul reassured her to relax. Meanwhile, Janki observes their interaction, wondering about Mauli’s hidden thoughts.

Getting ready for the day and praying, Mauli greets Rahul who says I didn’t get enough sleep, I’m considering dropping you off at the airport. She says don’t worry, my cab is coming. He says fine, I’ll come along. She asks why will you come, I don’t need your help, I can manage alone. Ajanta makes tea for everyone after getting Mauli’s audio messages. He wonders why she’s crying.

She says Mauli isn’t here to help Ajanta. Swara says she could not have done anything without Mauli’s help. Manoj smiles. Ajanta gets the tea for everyone. She goes to Tanvi and Swara. She says you thought I would fail today. Everyone likes the tea. She apologizes for disappointing, see how they are drinking it with love, the score is 2-0.

Ajanta calls Mauli. Neha asks Mauli to meet Dr. Khurana and sort it out. Mauli says what will I tell mumma? Manas isn’t at the Mumbai home, and I hope he is okay. Neha says to take care of this matter first and take care of yourself. He says you thought you would join a big hospital and become famous, so he asks why Mauli did this. She tells him about the emergency.

She requests that he withdraw the case. He scolds her and says Dr. will be removed from your name. She says, don’t do this, Manoj will be horrified if he finds out that he had undergone surgery. I cannot bother him. If you ask, he says fine, I can help you, I’ve requested a fine of 25 lakhs, you can deposit 20 lakhs in my account and I’ll withdraw the case.

I don’t have much money, she says. He says to ask Manoj to do it for you. You know if you go to court, you’ll lose everything. She goes out crying. She sees Rahul. She runs to him and hugs him. She says I fell alone. I wasn’t able to handle it, Rahul. Dhadak…plays… She gets away and cries. Jyoti says I have cleaned the puja utensils. Janki says great, remind Pandit. Hari says yes, he will get it done.

Ajanta brings tea for Vijay and the others. Vijay politely declines, requesting Tanvi to make tea for him instead. Janki intervenes, suggesting everyone go out and enjoy tea without complaints. Ajanta smiles and offers tea to Ajay, who accepts it. Vijay finds the tea to his liking. Janki then instructs Golu to accompany Rahul in acquiring puja items. However, Golu cannot find Rahul and offers to take Rohit instead. This leaves Janki wondering about Rahul’s whereabouts. Mauli expresses concern about not wanting to stress Manoj too much. Rahul proposes they meet Dr. Khurana’s lawyer together, prompting Mauli to hold his hand gratefully, acknowledging the comfort of having someone by her side during difficult times.

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