Udne Ki Aasha 2nd April 2024 Written Episode: Financial Struggles and Family Tensions

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When Dilip asks for money, Sayali offers to buy him new clothes. Dilip agrees. She says she will buy Mum new sarees. Shubha says no, I’ll wear old sarees. There are around 3.5 lakhs of expenses. Paresh gave us two lakhs from his chit funds and petty cash for 60000. Juhi says I’ll get an advance from my job.

She says she doesn’t need to take a loan; she just gets food for me. Juhi works at the mobile store. The store owner asks Juhi if Ganesh came. Juhi says no. He says he isn’t changing; he just wastes time with his friends. She asks him for an advance. He scolds her. He says he is giving her 25000 Rs in advance for your sister’s wedding. She says sorry; she keeps the money in her bag.

It is Sachin who arrives with Anya. Juhi worries. Anya says I’ll work hard at the shop. Your car looks good. Sachin answers yes, it’s second hand, Aaji bought it for me on installments. He asks him to give the visiting cards to everyone. Aaji gave the down payment for the car; she’s my life, and I’ve created the travel company under her name.

Anya says I’ll let everyone know about it. Sachin asks Juhi, “Are you new here?” Juhi says yes. He says to give my number to anyone who needs a taxi, I’ll give you commission. She says yes. He asks her to keep the card in her bag. She says yes and keeps it in her bag. Sachin says I’m leaving now because I have to make money and pay for installments. He leaves. Anya says he’s good at heart.

Tejas books a cab, and his brother Sachin is there to pick him up. Tejas requests Sachin to drop him off at a specific location. However, Sachin becomes angry and tells Tejas to leave the car. After Tejas apologizes and explains that he has an essential meeting for their father’s sake, Sachin scolds him before finally dropping him off. As they reach the destination, Sachin asks for the fare, but Tejas refuses to pay. Sachin threatens to crash the meeting, but Tejas reminds him they are brothers. Reluctantly, Sachin takes the fare from Tejas. Meanwhile, Sayali shares exciting news about landing a big order with Shubha, who advises her not to work after getting married. Sayali reassures Shubha that she will always be her daughter, and Shubha expresses her concerns about Sayali’s plans. Emotionally overwhelmed, Shubha recalls how she had to give up her education in the past.

Sayali consoles her. Juhi comes home. She says I don’t work full time. She gives money. She says it’s your wedding gift. Sayali sees the money. She asks how did you get it. Juhi says I took the advance. Sayali says I asked you not to take an advance. As a result of taking responsibility, Juhi thinks I can’t help you; keep the money; I have the right to do so. Renu, Kishor, and Shakuntala come with Paresh, and Shubha asks them to come. Dilip gets some breakfast. Dilip leaves.

Paresh announces we have the Patrika. Renu immediately brings up the topic of dowry for Tejas. In response, Paresh instructs Sayali to attend to her tasks. She retreats to her room with a worried expression. Kishor requests Paresh to clarify Renu’s demands. But Paresh dismisses the idea, saying it’s unnecessary. Shakuntala reminds them that Tejas is an educated man and they should uphold his dignity. Renu insists they must also impress their relatives with their gifts. Nevertheless, Paresh stands firm and says there’s no need for such gestures. However, Shubha sees no harm in going along with Renu’s wishes and retrieves 50000rs for Tejas’ suit and shagun, but once again, Paresh declares it’s unnecessary.


Tejas and Sayali’s picture shocks Sachin. He falls, and the haldi splashes over Sayali’s face.

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