Teri Meri Doriyaan 13th October 2023 Written Update


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Jasleen mocks Seerat for pursuing someone who is committed to someone else and offers her a handkerchief to wipe away her tears. Determined to end Angad and Sahiba’s relationship, Seerat plans to use underhanded tactics to break them up, make Angad obey his mother’s orders, and then marry him. Jasleen remarks that Seerat is overly confident. In response, Seerat teases Jasleen for constantly meddling in other people’s lives before walking away. Keerat later tells Ajith about Seerat’s schemes, Manveer’s support, and the events that unfolded. Ajith questions why she didn’t tell him sooner and becomes worried when Sahiba doesn’t answer his call. Veer reaches out to Angad who reveals that Sahiba hasn’t been answering any calls and he is on his way to her college, hoping she is safe. Ajith then informs Veer of the same situation.

Upon reaching Sahiba’s hostel room, Angad finds her resting on a study table. He acknowledges that she may be upset with Manveer’s shocking announcement and expresses his desire to clear any misunderstandings. As he reaches out to hold her, he notices blood and is taken aback. Fearing the worst, he picks her up and discovers a scissor embedded in her neck. Tears well up in his eyes as he holds her hand, noticing her bracelet and clothes – a stark reminder of their love. His happiness turns into horror when he realizes that the girl is not Sahiba but someone who bears a striking resemblance to her. As panic sets in, Angad wonders where his wife could be and if she is safe. Before he can process anything further, the police arrive at the scene. The inspector points his gun at Angad, ordering him to drop any weapons. After confirming Sahiba’s death, another constable accuses Angad of brutally disfiguring his own wife’s face. With no time to explain himself, Angad is taken into custody for Sahiba’s murder.

According to students, Sahiba was staying in a hostel room because of Angad. Warden says Angad had problems with Sahiba and brutally murdered him here. Professor also informs inspector that Sahiba told him she did not like Angad. Inspector refuses to listen to him and arrests him because Angad knows his wife is missing and in danger, so he claims she is not Sahiba.

Upon entering his hostel room, Veer is taken aback by the sight of a dead body and students discussing the unexpected tragedy. They never imagined that their friend Angad would be capable of killing his girlfriend Sahiba. Spotting Veer, Angad inquires if he has found Sahiba. With tears streaming down his face, Veer replies that she is no longer with them. However, Angad insists that the girl lying in front of them is not Sahiba and urges Veer to search for her whereabouts. The inspector present at the scene asks for Angad’s identity, to which Veer responds that he is Angad’s younger brother. The inspector then proceeds to ask about any issues between Sahiba and Angad, to which Veer confirms. He also questions if Angad came here searching for Sahiba, but Angad continues to insist that this is not her and pleads with Veer to find her soon. Despite being skeptical at first, Veer ultimately believes Angad’s words to be true.

While Angad continues to plead, the inspector drags him in a jeep. The media reports the news. Brars are shocked to see it. Manveer says her son cannot be arrested. Inder says he can never murder Sahiba. Seerat wonders what will happen to her once Angad goes to jail. Manveer stumbles. Inder holds her. Akaal says reporters are lying, he will sue them. Akaal claims the news spreads throughout the media and shows messages. The whole family receives messages.


Rumi kidnaps Sahiba and claims they are now one soul, two bodies. Angad escapes from police.


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