Teri Meri Doriyaan 11th February 2023 Written Update


By using the backdoor, Keerat reaches Sudha’s kitchen and closes Sudha’s eyes. Sudha identifies her through her rough hands and says that she will never forget her daughter. Keerat asks her to serve sweets to Brars. Sudha asks why she came late and from the backdoor. Keerat recalls taking a lift from Veer after her bike broke down.


Veer feels irritated reaching the same place following Keerat’s route. He asks someone about Sudha’s bungalow who says it’s right in front of him. Keerat pehalwan lies to him, and he decides to get revenge on her. Sahiba leaves Sudha’s house feeling sad after Angad humiliates her in front of her selfish family. Veer is surprised to see her there.

Brars are served sweets by Sudha. Prabjot and Gurleen tease Angad as he looks at Seerat. Bebe says anyone would feel happy seeing Seerat. Kaspal says Seerat is late. Jasleen says maybe it was traffic. Seerat says Jasleen is right. Angad thinks Seerat is so kind-hearted, she is blaming traffic for Sahiba’s mistake.

Seerat thinks Angad is so expressionless and not like charming Garry. Manveer says they liked Seerat for Angad and fixes alliance. Bebe says they should ask Angad once. Angad feels shy. Angad thinks Santosh made a mistake by hiding Sahiba’s true identity just to fix this alliance, according to Ajith.

Seerat has a beautiful and natural nature, Bebe says, and she has always wanted him to marry one. Jaspal congratulates Ajith and asks Bebe if they should perform roka/engagement before the chunri/veil ritual. Bebe wants all the rituals to be performed at Brar Mansion since it is her grandson’s wedding. Santosh is delighted.

Angad’s wedding is fixed and Veer asks Sahiba why she is leaving without noticing him. She says she is tired and sad due to work pressure. He gets Gurleen’s call, and Angad’s wedding is fixed. Sahiba is excited to hear about it and says he has to go since his brother’s wedding cannot happen without him. Sahiba thinks even she is a sister, but her alliance is fixed without her. Though she feels happy for Seerat, she says.

Seeing that Seerat’s wedding with Angad has been fixed, Garry is busy flirting with another girl when Seerat messages him. Sahiba returns home tired after shopping for Seerat’s engagement clothes and thinks she will finish her pending work tomorrow after thinking what to do. He praises himself for trapping Seerat so easily.

Keerat works tirelessly for ungrateful Santosh and Seerat, who are presently basking in the pleasures of Sudha’s house. Sahiba implores her not to speak ill of their mother and elder sister. Ajith arrives with warm water, his eyes filled with tears; upon enquiry, he reveals that feeling powerless to prevent Angad from insulting his daughter has made him understand how poor he really is. Sahiba tries to soothe his grief. Despite her efforts, the tears refuse to stop streaming, dripping upon Sahiba’s feet. She pleads with him to cease crying.

As the engagement ceremony begins at Brar mansion the next day, Darji tells Bebe that he is delighted that the girl they visited during their wedding anniversary is now Angad’s wife. It is Bebe’s wish that Angad and Seerat’s marriage will be filled with endless love and unity. Jasleen predicts Angad and Seerat’s marriage will end in a month, and she will take revenge for being cheated. Brars dance to the song Dhak Dhak Dhadke Ye Dil.

A boy informs that girl’s family game. Jasleen signals Garry to leave the party. Brars go out to welcome them. Santosh gets happy seeing lavish arrangements. Ajith stands out and says Santosh is doing wrong. Santosh threatens him and asks him to act. Seerat thinks where is Garry, she needs to talk to him before the engagement. Brars welcome them and praise Seerat’s beauty.

Seerat holds Garry’s hand before engagement, leaving everyone shocked. Ajith calls Sahiba for assistance.

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