Teri Meri Doriyaan 12th February 2023 Written Episode Update


For Seerat and Angad’s engagement ceremony, the Mongas visit Brar mansion. They are welcomed by Brars. When Seerat sees Garry dancing with his cousins, she thinks she must speak with him and stop her engagement with Angad. The other 2 daughters of Seerat are asked about by Manveer, who tells him she looks more beautiful today.

Sahiba is occupied with her shop, when Kulcha wonders why she skipped out on her sister’s engagement. She replies that work was a priority and there were outstanding orders to complete. Keerat arrives in the scene with panipuri and remarks that since Sanotsk and Seerat mocked them once, they will now make up for it by sitting out their own sibling’s engagement ceremony. Sahiba commends how Keerat appears robust outwardly yet tender inside. She jests about ATM Angad’s brother, Veer, being scared of her before laughing it off.

According to Santosh, her second daughter has been on a business trip to Mumbai and her third daughter has been on a college trip. As Bebe says let’s begin the engagement ceremony, Seerat sits next to Angad, nervously looking at him. She then walks up to him and clasps his hand. Everyone is shocked. Garry claims she held her hand when she was falling. She nods in agreement.

Angad asks Seerat if he is getting engaged with her wish. Santosh gets tensed hearing that and interrupts. Seerat tells Angad he looks more anxious than she does.

Bebe and Manveer enthusiastically congratulate Daarji on the addition of new family member, which prompts Prince to ask his whereabouts. Angad queries to Manveer as to why Inder was not invited. Manveer humbly responds by saying that there’s no need for him to receive an invitation as it is his son’s engagement ceremony. Daarji walks towards them expressing that Japjot had kept the family together through love and devotion, followed by Manveer and Gurleen faithfully fulfilling their duties, now it is Seerat’s turn. Seerat wishes for her wedding to be closely united with Angad’s. Right at that moment, Inder arrives stating that someone does not seem too keen on having him around; however he refuses to have a heart like his father and declines skipping the engagement ceremony of his son. He introduces himself as Seerat’s Father-in-law-to-be as Bebe lovingly identifies him as her elder son.

In her chunri ceremony, Bebe gives Seerat her family necklace and says her elder daughter in law gets it and passes it on to her elder bahu. Angad asks if she said something. Seerat asks if he heard anything. He says he felt that way. Veer makes fun of him. Seerat remembers Garry gifting her a diamond necklace and murmurs.

Inder gives Seerat a gift next and blesses her. Other family members give their gifts next, and they all pose for the family photo. Seerat stands next to Garry. Garry is replaced by Manveer. Santosh says they should finish the wedding soon and thanks Manveer for arranging such a marvelous event so quickly. Darji and Bebe want Angad and Seerat’s wedding to take place after one year. Santosh thinks by then, the truth will come out.

After Santosh demands a wedding as soon as possible, Manveer gets adamant about performing the ceremony after one year.

Santosh collapses. Ajith tells Sahiba to send their doctor to Brar mansion. Sahiba says she will. Ajith warns her not to as Angad hates her. Sahiba says she will manage.

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