Faltu 2nd December Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

At the start, Tanisha and Aryaan are seen dancing. She expresses her wish to perform Rajasthani folk music as it would bring joy to the family and take them back to their childhood memories. Everyone is delighted hearing this idea and Savita notes how fortunate they are. With the dance being difficult, Tanisha plans to hire a performer. But Suhana has a better solution for them – Faltu can teach them how to do the dance just like she did with Ayaan. Though he denies having learnt anything from her, Ayaan acknowledges that Faltu is an expert dancer. As she agrees to teach them, everyone jokes about Ayaan’s dancing skills while he claims to be an expert in it. Faltu calls him out for the practice session and they agree happily.

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Ayaan and Faltu dance. Sid remarks to Tanu, “They look good together – you and Ayaan have a similar spark!” Faltu then announces her intention to speak with him, but before she can, she experiences pain in her leg and Tanisha inquires as to the cause of her distress. Suhana advises her to be mindful. Tanisha states that they should keep practising; she will teach them. In his thoughts, Sid concludes that some drama is about to occur, so he plans to perform the duet with Tanisha. Later on, when nightfall arrives, Faltu becomes unsettled and decides to call Ayaan.

Everyone gets ready for puja in the morning. Dadi scolds Janardhan. Harsh asks where Ayaan is. Ayaan comes. Faltu tries to talk to him. Janardhan asks them to come. Dadi asks Faltu to come to the temple with them. Tanisha asks why she would bring her with us, just the family would be there.

Dadi says Devi is of everyone, everyone has a right to do puja, and since Faltu came, she is very lucky for us. Yes, she saved your life. Dadi says we will pray, come. Janardhan says don’t focus on these things, Faltu is a guest for a few days, and Tanisha comes. They all pray in the house temple. They leave.

Pappi and Ratan arrive home and cause a disturbance. Janardhan asks Govind to make them go away, while Ayaan keeps Faltu hidden. He requests that Govind phone the police. Pappi enquires who is in charge of the family, to which Dadi responds she is. Pappi teases her by making inappropriate comments, but Ayaan interjects and suggests he speaks with respect as she is his grandmother. Pappi demands to know where Faltu has been taken, as Janardhan engages in an altercation with them. Ratan states that Ayaan had removed his niece from her wedding procession, insisting that it was right for him to do so since their whole village was insulted by his actions. The guy claims they have been searching for her all this time, planning to take her along when finally found. Janardhan orders them to leave immediately and Sid promises to see that it is done.

He goes and scolds Pappi. He says Ayaan is the Ram of this house. He asks Pappi to start the drama. Pappi says ask your brother, call the sarpanch and ask him. Sid asks what nonsense? Ratan says call our sarpanch, you will be able to get the truth. Sid says fine, I trust my brother, tell me the number. Pappi says he is tensed. Janardhan says Ayaan you are my pride, tell them it’s a lie. Savita says he should answer them.

Pappi and Ratan see Faltu, who says that they are right. She says it’s half true, Pappi trapped my dad in debt and wanted to forcefully marry me, so I had to run away. Som says tell them you have fled with Ayaan. Bua says she is right, she was alone when we found her, so we gave her support; Ayaan didn’t know until we got her here that she’d run away.

Faltu insists that Ayaan stays out of it and that she, as an adult, does not need to explain her whereabouts to anyone. Ratan scolds her in response and warns of potential consequences. Pappi attempts to persuade Faltu to accompany him but is stopped by Ayaan who then reprimands him for his actions. Tanisha speaks up, expressing her apathy towards the situation, but Ayaan makes it clear he won’t allow this – Faltu will not be leaving the house anytime soon.

The precap:

Faltu looks on sadly as Ayaan and Tanisha get married.

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