Kumkum Bhagya 17th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Khushi tells Akshay that she saw the papers on which Prachi signed as his wife. Akshay says he thought they were husbands and wives, but they are not. It would be good if they were. Khushi says she signed to free Shiv from prison. She says she calls Shiv Shiv, and Inspector said he won’t release him until his family arrives.

Akshay says Prachi signed to get him out of jail. Khushi says I told her not to go until Shiv comes out, and she did it for me, even though she is not Shiv’s wife. Akshay gets happy and lifts her, saying how happy he is. Then he says you are my angel, you don’t know how much happiness you gave me. He says let’s go there. Prachi asks Ranbir not to fight in front of Khushi again. Ranbir promises that he will not start the fight again.

They see Akshay lifting Khushi and coming happily. They ask what happened. Akshay says Khushi’s happiness. He hugs Ranbir and asks what happened. Prachi says there was a fight with drunkards 3-4 men. Ranbir says they were three. Ranbir thanks Akshay for not judging him. Khushi asks him to come with her and says she must take care of him. Akshay says I know you won’t interfere with anyone’s drama.

It is important for Prachi to drop Ranbir first because Khushi wants it. Akshay says Khushi is special. Akshay calls Prachi. They look at each other. Ranbir asks Prachi to come. As Akshay approaches Prachi, he says he will follow her. He gets into his car, and Prachi leaves.

Pallavi says she was worried, which is why she made food, to get some peace for a bit. Dida asks if she talked to him. Pallavi says she was worried and restless, his phone was off. Khushi is sleeping in the back seat. Ranbir asks Prachi for a charger, and Prachi gives it to him. As Akshay thinks his life would come out of him, he thinks he knows her past, but it is like her past has come in front of him. Ranbir tells Prachi that the phone is charged. Pallavi calls Akshay.

He says he’s with his friend. Pallavi asks why his phone is off. Ranbir says he’s with his friend. Prachi gets upset and drives fast. Ranbir says you don’t know my new friend. She wonders where she will get the money. She asks why Balbir beat me and Khushi as well. She wonders how she will get 15000 Rs since Balbir did not give her any jewellery.

Her idea is to give the chain and pendant of Khushi which Ranbir made her wear after Khushi was born to Khushi when she grows up, but now she has to sell it to give money to the lawyer. The car stops near Khushi’s house. Prachi asks Ranbir to wait there. Khushi wakes up. Ranbir says he wants to talk to Laali too. As a woman, Prachi understands how to make other women understand. She says she will speak with Laali since you went to prison.

Akshay comes there and says he was stopped at the signal, but made it in time to reach Prachi. Ranbir thinks he loves Priya. As Akshay smiles, Ranbir asks if someone has said anything to him. Akshay hugs him. Ranbir asks why you are happy, and asks him to tell him. Akshay asks him to get well as he feels pain.

Khushi gets worried and says I didn’t tell her anything. Prachi says I’m talking to your Maayi, she won’t say anything. Laali keeps the locket inside. She asks Prachi you’re here? I understand that your Maayi has been through a difficult time and must have cried for scolding you. She says she is good and I want to help her.

She says I can transfer some money to you, 50000 Rs. Laali coughs. Prachi says your maayi loves you a lot. Laali gets happy. She says I am giving you an order for the flowers, and every month you will send me 3-4 flowers through Khushi and I’ll give you 50000 rupees. This order is confirmed.

Prachi says I want to talk to you about something else and I can understand that you are angry at him for raising his hand on your daughter and your boyfriend. As you know, raising hands-on kids is a punishable and non-bailable offence, and whoever supports him is also subject to jail time. I know you will stop him if he raises his hand again on Khushi, as no one can raise a hand on your daughter.

She says she loves my daughter very much and will not allow Balbir to beat her. She says she will send a bouquet daily and asks when she will send her money. Prachi says now and asks Laali for her account number. Laali gives Prachi her mobile. Prachi sends her 15000 Rs and says she will send the remaining amount as well. Khushi will tell Laali everything when she brings flowers to her. Laali promises to take care of Khushi and asks her to have tea with her.

Khushi thanks her. Prachi asks her to say I love you later. Khushi responds that she loves her. Laali thinks she can get Balbir out later, otherwise, Prachi can get angry and not give her 50000 every month. She talks to Khushi nicely and makes her sit down.

Khushi thanks God and hopes Parvati is her real mother, as she asks what she would like to eat.

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