Teri Meri Doriyaan 11th April 2023 written update


In order to treat Angad’s back sprain, Manveer calls the doctor and thanks him. Angad requests for food now. Manveer says it shouldn’t matter to him when he disobeyed her and went behind Sahiba’s house to please her. He believes that Sahiba has hypnotized him.

He went there to see if Seerat was there. Ajith tells Seerat that she cursed and accused Sahiba, but Sahiba is kind enough to ask that she stay there. Following the drop off of Sahiba, Keerat returns home and informs Ajith that Sahiba requested that Seeerat stay with them. Seerat asks where she will go and pleads to let him stay there. Santosh warns her to hit her head on the road and die as she is already dead for them. Seerat leaves.

Santosh pushes her out of the house and she never returns. Seerat challenges her that she will repeat soon and pleads with her to return. But she refuses to return or forgive.

Angad tells Manveer he went to Sahiba’s house to find Seerat, he knows Sahiba is the mastermind behind all of this and she made Seerat elope. Sahiba returns to Brar mansion. Jasleen bumps into her in the dark and breaks the water glass. Sahiba says he wanted to find out why Seerat acted as if she loved him but rejected him and prove Sahiba manipulated everything.

Prabjot says Sahiba is habituated to luxuries now and can’t stay in her poor parental home. Jasleen asks why she left her parents’ house at midnight. When Jasleen went to the paghphera ritual with Angad, why didn’t she return with him? Hansraj and Prabjot comment. Sahiba says they can think whatever they want to and walks away, leaving them fuming. In her store room, Sahiba feels guilty about slapping her elder sister and worries about Seerat.

Seerat leaves her parental house. Her neighbours bully her and badmouth her. She calls Garry, who is busy with his puppet reporter and disconnects the call. If he doesn’t meet her near the gurdwara, she will inform his parents that she has eloped with him. In Angad’s room, Hasnraj drops a water glass to wake him up and starts provoking him against Sahiba. Garry meets Seerat and claims to be busy in a business meeting and wonders what happened to Seerat’s clothes.

She says Sahiba slapped her and her parents kicked her out of the house. Garry says Sahiba is jealous of Seerat. Garry says he wants the same, but he can’t marry her right now. Seerat insists. Garry says let’s go to some five-star hotel and have food. Garry shouts at Seerat and asks if she’s crazy. She says she wants to marry him right now.

Angad walks into Sahiba’s room. Sahiba says she was coming to speak with him about something important. She thinks she should tell him about Seerat’s return. In his usual rude manner, Angad asks her why she returned at midnight, whether was this part of her cunning plan, etc. Sahiba advises him to treat her with respect.

Seerat insists Garry marry her right now. Garry refuses. Angad asks what she wants to say. Sahiba says she won’t if he misbehaves with her.


Seerat apologizes to Sahiba for misunderstanding her and says she is going to commit suicide. Sahiba, concerned for her, rushes out and asks where Seerat is. Angad hears her and thinks Sahiba was speaking to Seerat.

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