Faltu 25th January 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

We are not sure if we catch anyone’s bad sight, so focus on your eyes, we didn’t get the money, yet, we have to stay grounded. Faltu hugs Charan and tells him I trust him. After marriage, Tanisha feels a lot of love for Ayaan, and this love is growing because you are the best husband in the world. I will get ready and come out with you tomorrow.

On the day Faltu got a 20 lakhs donation, Tanisha ran away from business on my advice, she agreed to Sid’s advice, so is there a connection or am I missing something? My eyesight will come back, I will be selected in a cricket academy, Ayaan trusted me, he brought me here, and I will fulfil his dream of becoming a cricketer and giving him the Guru Dakshina.

Ayaan had filled Faltu’s maang before marrying Tanisha, Sumitra says. Sid asks her not to shout. She says she wishes to sing and dance, Sid, you got great news, imagine, Ayaan had filled Faltu’s maang before marrying Tanisha. We cannot tell them. She asks him to tell Kanika. Sid says no, Tanisha will know I leaked the news, I cannot lose her and her faith.

As she says, I couldn’t control my emotions. He says I won’t allow her to go near Ayaan; I’ve already considered how the family will react to this news. He checks the video. Faltu says her tears aren’t fake. Pratap refuses to go back. Angoori asks Pratap if he forgot his mum. She asks him to come back home. She emotionally blackmails him.

Charan says you should go back now. Pratap says he will call Mum and see her. Angoori says he is making a video call. Som asks him to act sad. Angoori answers and acts sad in front of Pratap. It won’t work in front of me, I’ll come back after Faltu’s operation. Som says Faltu’s eye surgery will happen, how did they get the money? Ayaan surprises Tanisha. She likes the food. He says we will have food. She says you are pampering me out of guilt. He says no.

As a result of Faltu’s tension, we aren’t able to start our married lives as we should. You planned this lunch to please me. He thinks of asking her if Sid and she gave Faltu the money. When he gets a call, he asks what the amount is, 20 lakhs, for Faltu’s operation, how did it go, thank you, I’ll talk to you later.

Ayaan says our office employee lives in the chawl where Faltu lives, and it’s surprising Faltu got 20 lakhs. Sid meets a man. He gives the pen drive and says it contains Faltu’s confession. Ayaan’s life will become a blockbuster when this truth comes out. Sid pays him and asks him to keep his mouth shut.

It is good that Faltu will be fine, we can also move on. Ayaan says yes, she can see after the operation and move on, she doesn’t need me. She says we will discuss the honeymoon, mom is also looking forward to it. Pratap prepares Faltu in the morning. He says cricketers earn a lot of money, what will you do with that money? He imagines Faltu as a successful cricketer.

When Faltu closes her eyes, he asks her to imagine a good dream. Faltu also imagines meeting a fan. Ayaan comes and scolds her. He calls her a fraud.


Sid smiles and thinks it’s a storm. Ayaan says it’s a pendrive.

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