Faltu 19th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

The episode begins with Tanisha hugging Ayaan. She says I have been waiting for you for a long time. You are wasting your time in the office. Jaddoo hai nasha hai…plays… She tries to romance him. He thinks of Faltu. He gets away. She asks what happened now, you are thinking of Faltu instead of me, even on our first night. It’s not like that, he says, listen, I understand what you feel for me, and I really appreciate that, because we were childhood friends. We can’t expect our relationship to change overnight, it can’t happen, I want us to grow closer over time.

She asks if this is the reason. He says yes. She says I won’t force you. He thanks her. He says I will change. She thinks no Ayaan, you’re lying, Sid is telling the truth, Faltu is coming between us.

Having got all the spices as you said, Charan says the business will succeed. Faltu says yes. Pratap agrees. Maasi says you started a shop here. Charan says yes, we couldn’t find a job here.

As Faltu asks Maasi to take spices from Charan, Maasi calls her clever. She asks Faltu to pack the papads. Charan says we will stop making more packets now, Faltu can pack the papads until then. As he recalls Tanisha, someone comes and says no need. Ayaan gets upset. He says Tanisha isn’t wrong, but I am wrong with her, once I find that CCTV footage guy, I can’t forget Faltu.

Ajit greets Charan and says there is no need to go to any camps for Faltu’s treatment. I have started working on it, I have spoken to my boss, she can get free treatment. You came as an angel, thank you, I feel happy seeing you. Abhi says I got clothes for you. Faltu says don’t repeat this mistake.

They get shocked when Charan says yes, don’t burden us, and Ajit says I feel a connection with you all. I want your permission so I can talk at home about Faltu. Faltu recalls Ayaan. Tanisha apologizes to Ayaan, saying, “I’m really sorry for the last night. You don’t expect anything wrong from our relationship. I want our marriage to be the best, I want more time.”.

In response, she said it’s okay, I felt upset, but I realized you are not wrong, I will wait until you are ready, I expect you to come to me completely, I will always support you, what will you do at home now, I will ask dad to give you work at the store. He says thanks, I’m so lucky to have you. She thinks I’ll do anything to get you. Ajit says trust me, I like the simplicity of Faltu, she’ll get her sight, but I won’t get a girl like her.

Then she asks Charan and Pratap to go. She wants to talk to Ajit privately. She says now that I have become sensible, he has helped me, I want to talk to him. Charan answers fine, talk to him. Tanisha tells Sid that we need to convince dad to send Ayaan to work. Sid asks why, I’m handling the work. Tanisha says that if Ayaan and Faltu are close, our doubts can be confirmed.

She thanks him. She says make sure no one knows, your man is keeping an eye on Faltu, right? He agrees. Ayaan smiles. Sumitra asks how did you give permission to Ayaan so soon, Sid is handling work, everyone is satisfied with his performance. Govind jokes on Ayaan. Janardhan and Savita laugh. Ayaan smiles.

As Tanisha says yes, he just thinks of work. Janardhan and Savita praise Tanisha. Ayaan leaves for work. Sumitra wonders what she wants to do. Ajit tries to convince Faltu to marry him. He says it means you told the truth in the temple, but you called me your husband, your husband is someone else, so I can’t tell anyone about it, but I know it for myself.

Then Ayaan’s car breaks down. She says don’t ask about my husband, I can’t tell you anything more, don’t ask about marrying me, Dad and Pratap shouldn’t know about this. Don’t worry, promise, I won’t tell them, we can’t marry, but we can become good friends. I can help you if you become my friend. Her friends have understood her and helped her. He promises to help her. Ayaan arrives.


Faltu says the truth to Sid and Tanisha. The doctor tells them they have to answer all the questions correctly.

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