Teri Meri Doriyaan 15th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Sahiba’s Mysterious Behavior


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When Anand returns home, he thinks he needs to speak with Sahiba, but he sees Gurleen and Manveer getting Veer out of bed for dinner and asking him not to bother himself because Keerat is the least concerned about him. Sahiba and Keerat exposed Veer’s heinous acts, but nobody believed them. Manveer sees him and invites him to dinner, but Angad says he must first talk to Sahiba.

When Manveer asks Sahiba what she wants to talk to him about, he always finds her bothersome. Veer takes him for dinner. He tells him not to worry about Sahiba and to have dinner since Sahiba has left. Gurleen informs him that Sahiba returned home while Veer had locked himself in a room. Veer becomes angry and says Sahiba should soon leave the house and Angad’s life. Angad warns him to call her Sahiba Bhabhi and walks away.

Sahiba suddenly hears a girl’s voice and starts to imagine things. As she wakes up, the mysterious girl leads her to the balcony and encourages her to climb the railing. Concerned, Angad checks with the maid to see if she has seen Sahiba around. The maid explains that she was here earlier but has since disappeared. Meanwhile, the girl suggests they play a game of jumping. Confused, Sahiba asks for more details. The girl boldly responds by saying they should jump off together. In a frenzy, Angad turns to his family for answers, but Manveer suggests he is asking the wrong people. In desperation, Angad makes his way to the gate and inquires with the watchman if he has seen Sahiba. To his surprise, the watchman reveals that she never left the house. This leaves Angad wondering where Sahiba could have gone.

They will enjoy a lot if you jump from the balcony. Sahiba says she is coming. Her dupatta falls on Angad. Angad is shocked to see her standing on the railing and asks her to step back. Sahiba doesn’t respond. He runs towards her, calling her. Sahiba asks Manveer what she did now. The family ladies walk towards the servant quarters and are shocked when they see Sahiba standing on a railing.

Seerat feels happy. Angad holds Sahiba. Sahiba repeats she is coming. Angad pulls her down and hugs her emotionally. Jasleen walks towards Sahiba, but Manveer stops her, saying it’s just Sahiba’s drama to gain Angad’s attention. Sahiba says she doesn’t know what she plans to do. Angad says she doesn’t look good and takes her to her room. He says such girls stoop too low to gain attention.

Angad takes Sahiba to her room and asks why she went there and what she would do. Sahiba comes to her senses, asks why he came here, touches her, and gets away from her. Angad asks whether she knows she was on a balcony railing trying to jump down. Sahiba asks why she would do that since she was in her room. Angad insists she moves into his room since she looks terrible.

Sahiba remains adamant, insisting she will not leave until the divorce is finalized. However, Angad persists, wanting to discuss Keerat with her. Frustrated, Sahiba forcefully shuts him out and locks the door, refusing to speak to him. He assures her that he did not mean to hurt her when he slapped her. Sahiba maintains that she does not want to talk to him despite his explanation. Angad understands and promises to speak about Veer at a later time when she is feeling more composed. Unbeknownst to them, Seerat overhears their conversation from a hiding place and assumes that their divorce will be granted without any obstacles from the judge.


As Seerat doesn’t want Sahiba to spoil other people’s mood, she keeps spiked water in Sahiba’s room. Sahiba gets delusional after drinking the water and shouts. Manveer asks what she did now. Seerat thinks, let’s see what all Sahiba imagines.

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