Udne Ki Aasha 5th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Tejas’ Business Dreams and Family Drama

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In the episode, Tejas tells Paresh that the DD was cleared and you received the money. Paresh says you went there to check this, and I received the message. Tejas says sign the cheque, I want to be a businessman, sit in the mandap. Sachin jokes. Renu asks him to stop talking. Paresh says, Paresh, you promised Tejas, now give him the check.

The pen does not work when Paresh attempts to sign the cheque. Tejas smiles. Paresh goes to sign the cheque. He asks, “What is happening?” Sachin says Bappa is stopping you. He says the pen is working on paper and not on the chequebook. He warns Tejas not to give him money. Tejas says I told you, I’ll marry once I get the cash… Paresh says you don’t care about money. Tejas replies, “No, I want to become a businessman first.”

Paresh signs the cheque. He gives it to Tejas. Renu says sign with this pen and give it to Tejas. He smiles happily. Paresh says it was your share and your brothers’ share also, I’m giving this money to you to do good work, value this money. The brothers’ share must be returned later. He goes. Tejas says fine, thanks. Sachin says you changed our fate.

Tejas took a picture of the cheque. Shubha says she didn’t know this would happen so well and that our lives were changing. She talks to Sayali. She makes a garland for Alok’s picture. She leaves. There is a phone theft. Sachin and Anya hold the woman. Sachin chases the thieves. He beats them and asks for the phone. Sayali is scared as she watches.

Sachin gets the phone. He takes Sayali’s frame and hits the man. She cries for a picture. Sachin goes. He gives the phone to the lady. She blesses him. Sachin says the thieves anger him. He leaves with Anya. Isha looks at the cheque pic and smiles. She eats well. He says I deposited the cheque and will receive the money in the morning.

She tells him to be careful and to be with his family. He says, “Don’t worry. We’ll get rid of this tension, and we’ll buy you a new car.” She says that will be good for you. Sachin runs his mind a lot, so I have to watch him, pack the bags, and we’ll leave tomorrow.” He leaves. She laughs as he leaves.

My friend doesn’t know about our plans. Isha says he can leave me for money; he’s not trustworthy. I feel bad for her. Paresh and Sachin take Aaji home. Paresh and Sachin discuss Renu with Aaji. Sachin provokes Aaji to scold Renu. She asks where Renu is. She didn’t come to do my aarti and welcome me. Paresh asks Renu to come. Aaji greets Renu. Renu welcomes Aaji.

You didn’t have time to decorate the house. Remember how I decorated it to welcome you? She scolds Renu. Sachin laughs. Renu and Aaji argue. Aaji says you got this house from your dad and insulted my son always. I wanted a bahu who would love my son and keep the family together, so forget it now. You change now at least. Your new bahu shouldn’t learn to make your husband a puppet. You’ll know when your son gets insulted.

Aaji asks Renu to decorate the house and respectfully welcome the new bahu. She says she will not go inside the house until it is decorated. Paresh thinks it will happen as you want. Aaji says he will watch it.


As Sachin sees Sayali and Tejas’ picture, he thinks she is the bride. He falls, splashing Haldi all over Sayali.

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