Teri Meri Doriyaan 30th January 2023 Episode Update


Written Episode of Teri Meri Doriyaan for 30th January 2023

Santosh converses with Brar’s, commenting that Seerat had been looked after very well. Jasleen acknowledges it was her responsibility since Seerat had acquired everyone’s love within a single day. Moving on, Santosh admires the beauty of their mansion and is offered a seat by Jasleen. However, Manveer interrupts and queries why only one of Seerat’s parents showed up for the appointment. Meanwhile, Angad, taking Gaurry’s suggestion, organizes beautiful flowers and chocolates for her daughter. Manveer quietly suggests to Santosh that it is essential for both Seerat’s parents to be present in order to agree upon an alliance between their children. Jasleen agrees completely before Santosh silently requests God’s mercy in these critical circumstances.

Angad fails to get his car running, so he alerts a cab service instead. Garry, upon being informed of the situation by his aide, believes that the Brar jewellers’ offspring can’t handle a simple date and orders his goons to finish their assignment before Angad reaches. Seerat then shows up at the restaurant, asking Keerat to go home since she’s about to go out. Unbeknownst to her, she passes Garry’s car and he quickly hides his face. His henchmen approach her and torment her from afar while Garry watches from within his vehicle.

Santosh elucidated to Manveer that her husband was engrossed in a meeting, so she had come unaccompanied. When quizzed about her husband’s profession, Santosh mentioned he works with handicraft export-import and is occupied even during festivals. Manveer enquires where he is currently, to which Santosh replies London and had been detained due to inclement weather. Jasleen assumed both the mother and daughters are perpetual prevaricators. Garry attempted to exit the car, striving to assist Seeerat in an effort to attain her favour when Keerat arrived and tackled the goons. The goon demanded that Garry save them from the female wrestler; Gary requested him to summon more hooligans.

Bebe queries Santosh regarding the number of gifts she brought. Nothing special, says Santosh. Bebe has never seen such lovely gift baskets and hypothesizes that only Sahiba is capable of creating them. Kiara notices suspicious behaviour from Santosh and points it out to Jasleen. Jasleen confirms her suspicions and believes that she wants to see Angad shamed for his mistake in marrying Seerat. Suddenly, two goons snatch away Seerat’s bag and Garry steps up to protect her. One of the thugs ambushes Keerat from behind, leaving

Garry offers a diamond ring to Seerat. Sahiba and Angad reach the restaurant via different doors and Sahiba becomes worried for Keerat. Keerat tells her Angad did not come there at all. Sahiba decides to teach Angad a lesson.

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