Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 19th April 2024 Written Episode: Rituals and Family Drama Unfold

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 19th April 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Naren claims to know how to uplift Nandini’s spirits, prompting him to suggest she avert her gaze and then hand her a book. She becomes even more emotional, shedding tears at the sight of it, causing Naren to become anxious when Kinjil chastises him. Quickly recovering, he mentions that the author is one of Nandini’s favourites. She responds by reminiscing about her uncle, prompting Naren to admit he didn’t anticipate this outcome. Deven asks if his attempt at humour will make her happy, causing Naren to scold him in frustration. However, upon seeing Nandini smiling, he retracts his anger. Deven remarks on the effectiveness of the joke, leading Naren to softly confess his love for Nandini, who visibly relaxes in response.

Upon arriving at the house, Naren holds the door open for Nandini, who is seated. The rest of the family stands at the entrance, grinning happily. As they enter together, Chanchal, Samta, and Heta approach the main door. Naren smiles as Chanchal proceeds to perform a traditional Arti for them both. Stepping back, Chanchal gestures for Nandini to hit the pot, and Samta places a Thali in front of her. Nandini’s smile widens as she sees this.

After Jalpa asks Nandini to fulfil the ritual, the white cloth is placed in front of her, and she begins walking on it. While Naren showers the petals on Nandini as she enters the house, Ronak is furious seeing Nandini enter after completing all the rituals. He sits angrily on the chair in anger. During the clapping, Dhawal, Virel, and Deven start clapping as Hemraj hides the file.

During Jigar’s visit to Dhawal, he says he sees a file that Hemraj is holding and wonders what’s in it. Dhawal replies that there is something Hemraj wishes to keep secret, and he wonders if it’s a deal he wants to close with Naren. Dhawal says he will find out and asks if there is anything significant in the file so that he can bring it to the office while Hemraj can enjoy the ritual, but Hemraj insists that Dhawal attend. Mitesh worries when Jigar tells him he would not have seen such a big house and suggests he tell everyone in Upleta how lucky his sister is.

Hemraj angrily calls Ronak to inform him that he knows his actions but does not want to spoil the mood. However, he wants Ronak in his room at eight o’clock in the morning. Naren approaches Ronak and asks how he is doing. Ronak replies that he is okay. Virel interrupts and takes Naren away. He suggests that they should take Nandini to meet with Baa. Naren is taken aback when Hemraj helps Anousya Baa walk. When she sits down on a chair, Kinjil comes to take her blessings. Baa mistakes Kinjil for the bride and comments on how weak she looks. Kinjil then reveals her true identity, causing Baa to send her away.

Once Nandini takes her blessings, Kinjil questions why Baa did not open her box. In response, Anousya Baa declares that she has never found any daughter-in-law worthy enough to receive her jewellery and requests Hemraj to open the box. She then searches through it and eventually hands Nandini a box. She explains that as the daughter-in-law of the household, Nandini must adhere to their rules – which include wearing jewellery without speaking a word. Naren interjects and advises Baa to stay calm. However, Baa insists that Chanchal will educate Nandini on other customs and instructs her not to let anything from their house in Upleta reach her own home.

Roopa helps Jalpa sit down while Heta works with Samta, and Heta remarks on the piece of jewellery being very lovely and expensive. When Jalpa says her family gave her a lot of jewellery, Roopa mentions that she had even brought one hundred tolas of gold. Still, Anousya Baa only gave the jewellery to Nandini, who arrived without anything. After Heta scolds both Jalpa and Samta, they start joking again.

Mitesh informs Hemraj that he needs to discuss something, but before they can start, Hemraj’s phone rings, angering him. He tells Mitesh that he has an important matter to discuss with him. Hemraj recalls when Ishwar and Mehul visited their home but did not even accept a glass of water, yet now Mitesh must stay the night and eat there. As Naren and Nandini arrive, she also mentions having something to discuss with him. Hemraj assures her she holds the same place in his heart as Naren. However, Nandini wonders if Mitesh should leave immediately to avoid returning home late.

Chanchal then takes Nandini and Naren away. Hemraj says to Mitesh that Mehul would have called him. Mitesh tries to leave, but Hemraj replies that he might be forgetting something, and Mitesh puts down the bag he takes in. During the Darshan, Chanchal is with Naren and Nandini. Nandini smiles before turning to Naren, who leaves. Chanchal follows Nandini.

When Mitesh calls Mehul and asks if Nandini is not around, Mehul asks him to come back because Ishwar uncle is ill. When Naren asks Mitesh what has happened, Mitesh says that Ishwar uncle is ill. Naren turns to tell Nandini, but Mitesh asks him to speak with his father as he has to leave, Naren agrees.

Naren and Mitesh enter the room where Hemraj is working on papers; Naren informs Hemraj that Ishwar uncle got ill, Hemraj says he would have been shocked if his daughter had left.


He enters the room, and his family follows him, so he asks them to sit, and he sits on the bed, which breaks, and everyone laughs. Ishwar tells Mehul that the dowry that caused his sister to commit suicide is the reason for losing her memories. When Manri hears it from the door, she is shocked.

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