Barsatein 16th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Aradhana’s Struggles with Reyansh and Jai Intensify


Barsatein 16th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

In the episode, Jai comes home and drinks. He recalls Aradhana’s words. Nita watches and brainwashes Jai against Aradhana. Jai cries and goes. She says this isn’t right, justice happens in the court, not in marriage, she married you, she wants to leave Reyansh, she will never love you. She cries and leaves. Aradhana says it doesn’t matter; she’s never looked back at love, but she cares for her husband and marriage. She cries.

I shouldn’t have understood this, Nita says. Reyansh cannot leave Aradhana. You are getting pain, but this pain is also from someone else. Aradhana was insulted, so she compromised to retain her family’s respect. I didn’t tell you anything. I thought she would keep you happy; no, Bani loves you a lot. Do you think Aradhana is in this marriage by her wish, no, she did not give you love, she doesn’t love you and won’t ever do, you cry for her, but you will never be able to be with her again.

Aradhana and his wedding pic breaks with Jai. Reyansh says you cannot be with anyone else. Aradhana says I will never be yours, Reyansh. Jai asks Nita why she made such a relationship that can never form. Aradhana cannot be yours; one cannot force love, and she can never love you. Bani asks what is going on. Nita says he should explain himself; otherwise, he will ruin himself.

Bani inquires about the potential consequences if she leaves her therapy for Jai. He responds by mentioning that she may find a partner and get married, leaving Bani wondering how long he expects her to take care of him. Upon clarification, Jai explains that although Bani loves him, he could never reciprocate those feelings. He believes that when someone truly loves another person, they do not forget it. Sympathizing with Jai’s pain, Bani acknowledges that it is not easy for her either, as she cannot simply erase her love for Aradhana. She understands why Jai resorts to alcohol as a coping mechanism and acknowledges that a woman never truly forgets the person she loves. Finally, Bani admits her love for Jai but confesses that she cannot love anyone else.

It is Aradhana who looks on. Bani says Jai missed you, so he returned from Manali, tell him to give work priority, he loves you very much, maybe he listens to you. Aradhana talks to Jai about love. He asks her to freshen up and hides the alcohol. Nita says it was foolish of me to join forces with Reyansh. She gets against Aradhana. In the morning, Reyansh tells his staff about exposing a racket. He calls her. Nita taunts Aradhana regarding Reyansh.

Aradhana expresses her desire to leave the job but cannot due to contractual obligations and monetary penalties. Harsh suggests that she quit the job, while Bhakti clarifies that it is for the sake of her family. Nita agrees with them. However, Harsh insists that Aradhana should not continue working if she doesn’t want to. Aradhana decides to have a conversation with Reyansh about her decision. Nita also offers to talk to him, but Jai suggests letting their mother handle it. Aradhana disagrees and decides to speak with Reyansh herself. Meanwhile, Nita puts on an act and abruptly leaves the breakfast table. The incoming call from Reyansh is answered by someone in the family who overhears Jai scolding Aradhana and becomes very upset.

You explained that work was essential to Aradhana, so please listen to me. Jai says yes, keeps their distance, and always gives him a chance. She says fine, it was my mistake, what should I do. He says forgive me. Harsh hears them argue. Reyansh comes home and calls out Aradhana. He gets scolded. As Reyansh states, I have come to pick her up, she works for me, why is Jai refusing to let her come to work, you are angry, since she used to be happy with me.

Harsh says she was happy before you came into her life. Reyansh says I care about work; she’s good at it. Harsh says her life is in trouble because of you. She should be blamed, as you let Aradhana marry Jai, a useless man, and I’m not responsible. Jai and Aradhana come there and see them arguing. Nita smiles and enjoys their fight.

He is right, Aradhana. I didn’t do anything for you. Reyansh says stop the drama. Won’t you ask him who he went to Manali with? Aradhana takes him out and says I can solve my problems. Harsh says enough. Aradhana is leaving. Then Reyansh thinks she can’t resign since you got her married to Jai. She doesn’t deserve her. Jai scolds him. Aradhana slaps him.


As Aradhana says, I have mailed my resignation. Bhakti gets illegal medicines. Nita hits Bhakti with her car.

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